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Specialty Printing & Mailing Services Offered at Rex 3

Special printing mailing services rex three florida

Special printing mailing services rex three florida

Every printing company out there is different. Some are highly specialized, while others offer techniques and capabilities you should look at carefully when sourcing your next print vendor. Since the printing industry is also considered a segment of manufacturing, it is undeniably intricate with details and specific machinery that make all of the difference. As much as printing companies look the same from the outside in, you should know that each will offer slightly different print and mailing solutions.

If you're a die-hard designer, you know this is true. Most designers have a peculiar eye for leaving their mark, and if you're a maverick, you've come to realize not any printing company will cater to you. That's because commercial printing companies vary greatly in their capabilities and finding the right one for the job requires patience and a sip of due diligence.

First, let's distinguish commercial printing from those easy-peasy online printing companies. These online print shops may offer a vast array of options, but they really serve the masses, not your inner Picasso. They cater to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs that don't really rely on printing as part of their business model.

Special printing mailing services rex three 3

These web-to-print portals are not only impersonal, but they're also limited in scope, offering basic printing solutions sometimes marketed as being your cheapest alternative. Don't get us wrong, these online printing companies have a place. But if you're a jazzy graphic designer with a vibrant vision, it’s likely you’ll feel pinned down due to the limited creativity, and overall quality, you will be able to accomplish. This can be very frustrating. In the printing world, this can greatly affect how far your brand is willing to go. We're talking about having a "Wow" factor, which everybody wants, right? Go big or go home, that's how we do it!

With that said, we'd like to share what you can expect to accomplish at Rex Three versus some of the other commercial printing companies out there in South Florida or across the United States.

Need Help Printing Custom Marketing Materials? REX has your back.

If you're the type to go headstrong and create something unique, Rex Three is the best printing option for you. Even if you already have a structured idea or project in mind, Rex Three's printing professionals can jump in at any phase of the creative process to help you think through how to make it right. Planning and design is half the battle in printing something unique, and we're known to make it simple for a variety of reasons, which we'll cover in this article.

Even if you want to optimize what you've printed before, Rex Three can help you refine the scope so it is more efficient and way more economical for you, in some cases. We offer in-line UV, satin finish, and glossy UV as well, making it a great option if you want a printed piece to look high-end. Click here to read an interesting case study on the matter.

Picking the Best Paper (or Stock) to Print.

Special printing mailing services rex three

Though initially, it may seem simple, Rex 3 takes paper very seriously. And so do a lot of the customers that work with us. If you care about how your paper stock feels and are convinced paper is a key element of what you want to communicate, you'd get a lot of value by talking with our print professionals. Paper reps from brands such as Mohawk, Gmund, and Neenah visit our printing company often and lay out their latest collections for us to play with. Even if what's trendy is not of importance to you, but rather what's durable or even water repellent, we probably have a solution for you. This is the kind of consulting you can expect from us, and that's why top designers reach out to us in the early stages of their project.


At Rex, we make an effort to stay constantly in the loop on what the trends are in creating marketing collateral that's original.


Need a Local Mailing and Fulfillment Center.

Producing branded kits, such as sales tools, custom pocket folders, and the such, can be fun to design but definitely a chore to put together. The good thing is we love it! That's why we have a department at our printing company that is dedicated to fulfilling all of the tedious packets you need to be produced quickly and at a low cost. Thanks to our fulfillment department heads, not only do we have the manpower, but we also have a superb level of quality.  We make sure every aspect of the job is done carefully and on-time. In addition to fulfillment, Rex Three is a certified mail center, which means we can provide postage discounts to companies with bulk mailing needs. This is something not all printing companies provide.

Need Help with Variable Data Printing.

Variable data is a very specialized trade, and not all printers are savvy enough to provide solutions that enhance your digital marketing efforts. Printing personalized pieces such as direct mail postcards, letters, envelopes, and even greeting cards, are things Rex Three is known for. If you're a top-notch marketer, you know variable data can be incredibly powerful by helping you print in bulk personalized, detail-oriented marketing communications to help you sell. We see in companies in the travel, hospitality, cruise line, education, and even trading cards publishing industries use variable data nearly in all mass-market communications. The list of industries really goes on since you can accomplish so much with variable data,  even if you're a dedicated digital marketing manager.

Custom Digital Printing or Commercial Sheet-Fed Printing Solutions.

Special printing mailing services rex 3

As a staple, Rex Three is known for two types of printing: digital (smaller runs) and sheet-fed (larger-run, color consistent) printing. Each offers their advantages, whether it be price, turnaround, or even color accuracy. To know which printing process is ideal for your project, we recommend chatting with one of our printing professionals. Typically, if you're concerned about cost and want something relatively quickly (and it's under 3,000 in quantity), you're better off printing digitally.

On the other hand, printing on a sheet-fed press gives you access to different paper options and better quality than a digital printing process. All of these details are things you should consider when quoting around and comparing printing options in your area.

To learn more about Rex Three and its vast capabilities across the United States and at our Florida plant, contact us to talk about your printing, mailing, or fulfillment needs.