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Rex 3’s Data Philosophy

Many companies use integrated digital technologies to observe their online and offline marketing efforts. Though the production side of Rex 3 chiefly focuses on real-world marketing efforts, our technology-centric approach offers communication and tracking functionality to clients in need of absolute quality assurance. The approach, methods, and applicability of our data reviewing tools will allow businesses to seamlessly integrate digital strategy with print marketing channels.


Adapting a Data-Driven Approach

Data reflects the behaviors of audiences. When developing a campaign, observing how the target markets of products live or interact with a brand can greatly enhance the odds of success given the higher likelihood of producing a strategy with resonance. Employing methods that do not primarily reflect the interests of the customer will ultimately hurt a business in the long-run.

By utilizing tools such as Google Analytics, Rex 3 clients will be able to track key performance variables in their campaigns. Our software offerings also include XMPIE for smart marketing campaign integration and EFI Market Direct Store Front, which helps clients track eCommerce performance and order procurement.

Over time, mounting campaign performance will reflect patterns that clients can observe and use to tailor their messaging and strategies. This will allow them to keep pace with emerging behaviors and trends in their industries, which will contribute to the sustained growth of business.


Rex 3 Tools Allow for Data Reviewing in Multiple Stages

The commitment to technology at Rex 3 has created a suite of tools that not only enhance performance tracking, but also the development process even before collateral and materials distribute. With a digital proofing process that allows clients to observe even the most miniscule changes to product design, feedback is always open and encouraged to ensure achievement of the final desired product.

Software that includes Adobe services create PDF proofs that are easily configured and translated into Epson inkjet or Fuji proofs that provide an opportunity for clients to physically evaluate their collateral. Rex 3 is certified as a Master Printer by Idealliance G7 Program and can calibrate project proofs to Gracol standards, which allows for endless generation of premium quality prototypes until the digital concepts translate precisely into desired real-life results.

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Key Software and Abilities

  • BCC Mail Manager
    • Postal Presorts
    • List Procurement
    • Mail Merge
    • Variable Data/Personalized Mailings
    • List Hygiene
    • Database Management
    • Fulfilment
  • XMPIE, applies variable data for automated complex composition of unique pieces and pdfs
  • EFI Suite Print Operations Management System
    • EFI Market Direct Store Front
        • Web-to-Print
        • eCommerce


      • Order Procurement
    • EFI ColorProof XF, for digital proofing of Epson projects
  • Pace Suite Print Operations Management System
  • EDI Communication Protocol
  • Adobe/Indesign Studio
  • Card Factory 2010, internally developed for collectable card enterprise management
  • Custom Online Workstations that support:
    • Brand Management
    • Collateral Management
    • Procurement
    • Inventory Management/Fulfilment

Get Informed with Rex 3’s Data Reviewing Tools Today

Respecting the value of data and the need to monitor it will lead to the best product and distribution of it possible. When audiences respond in kind with behavior that reflects their needs and satisfaction, companies become more informed and better equipped for long-term success.

Contact Rex 3 today to get started with employing data tools for reviewing marketing collateral and campaign performance.

data reviewing tools