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How Digital Automation Complements Print Marketing

With print-on-demand services required for many businesses that function on a just-in-time basis, print marketing activities should operate in a similarly dynamic capacity. Automation provides companies with an opportunity to evolve print marketing campaigns for a more modern environment. The success of an automated print marketing strategy will depend on the power of the tools available for sorting data and generating proofs.

Finding a balance of premium quality in design generation versus ability to replicate at necessary scale will be the key to producing exactly what a campaign needs to achieve success.

Once marketing material blueprints are in an approved state, communication between software and hardware holds the key to personalization. When the data is successfully translated, machines will return high-quality prints at a rapid rate that permits their deployment as soon as needed.


Rex 3’s Print Automation Process

Rex 3 offers a range of software in data management and automation — but utilizes two key applications when automating campaigns in tandem with print production. The firm uses XMPIE for variable data management, and BCC Mail Manager for postal presorting and other direct mail services.

XMPIE Software is a smart marketing campaign integration service that automatically generates unique digital pieces and pdfs regardless of complexity. These files are then communicated to printing presses that can generate customized marketing collateral on an efficient yet massive scale.

BCC Mail Manager has a broad range of abilities within the direct mail channel, but it plays a crucial role in the early stages of campaign development. List procurement, mail merging, and personalized mailing production through variable data are all key services that Rex 3’s technology provides for selecting an audience.


How Print Automation Enhances Direct Mail

Without direct mail, it is difficult to offer an impactful experience to generations of consumers that are considerate in their purchasing habits. For example, those considering professional management of their finances would feel more comfortable having a brochure that outlines the services of an investment firm that they can reference early on in their decision-making process.

Print automation allows companies to utilize available data about audience behavior and demographics to personalize messaging in a manner that improves overall resonance. Rather than relying on humans to individually tailor each mailing based on varying information, digital processes instantaneously generate unique communications and designs that encourage a positive response from their recipients.


Start Automating Print Marketing Strategies with Rex 3 Today!

As print marketing experts for over six decades, Rex 3 continue to serve as leaders in assisting with the implementation of direct mail campaigns. With tech at the forefront of all initiatives, print automation has become a vital component of the value we can provide to clients in their marketing efforts.

Contact a Rex 3 agent today to learn more about how print automation can enhance your business.