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Why Packaging Design is Important to the Success of a Business

Whether seeing it on retail shelves or holding it in their hands following a delivery, the first time a customer interacts with a brand and its product will be when it is inside packaging. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a design that communicates relevant product information while also illustrating the finer points of the brand.

Failing to properly account for packaging design can have internal and external ramifications for a business. Packaging that uses improper colors or fonts may confuse or irritate potential retail customers that often have alternatives easily within reach. However, even a business with the most attractive packaging for customers may hit a wall if they have not correctly planned production materials—leading to drastic manufacturing costs.

Businesses that seek to make a splash with their print marketing strategy often try to do so through the use of striking packaging. But creativity without experience or support frequently results in wasted resources, and packaging design can become a counterproductive pursuit if not executed with the precision of professional services.


The Rex 3 Approach to Successful Packaging Design

Rex 3 excels in the offerings of its packaging design services. Across over 60 years of business, our company has helped numerous industries develop a variety of high-quality packaging designs and solutions. Cosmetics, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and entertainment are just some of the fields Rex 3 specializes in when it comes to putting together effective packaging visuals.

Our modern design and pressroom includes a Heidelberg XL 106 “SuperPress” with UV and AQ capabilities that will help develop a prototype that exceeds expectations. In tandem with our digital proofing process, this gives clients full control over the outcome of their packaging design by providing them with the same full sensory experience the customer receives. With laser-verification on all production files, Rex 3 can easily account for any necessary additions or revisions throughout the design and prepress stages.

With our combined creative experience and print technology, Rex 3 can produce effective packaging design for any business. Our emphasis on the highest quality prepress process possible allows us to consistently return higher quality prints, reduce turnaround times, and increase the speed-to-market for our clients’ products.


Essentials for Appealing Packaging Design

The choices a company makes when designing its product packaging will reflect the values and primary communications it desires to have with its customers. Some of the most major choices companies will make include the use of graphics, physical construction, and considerations with respect to marketing strategy.

The overall concept of the packaging design needs to reflect the brand’s beliefs while still catering to company objectives. The most effective strategy for doing so is by pursuing an aesthetic that garners attention, but still offers information about a product or unique selling points of the business.

Physical packaging itself is also a major consideration. Raw materials and shape of the structure can have a significant impact on the production process. While personalization has become a core component of modern print marketing, having product packaging that dedicates too many resources to a unique design can put strains on manufacturing and even overwhelm customers.

Finally, factor in how the packaging will complement the marketing channels and objectives of the company. This is a great opportunity to use copy and photos to create resonance with a targeted audience. At the same time, it is important to stress what sets the product apart from the rest of its industry and the values of the brand.


Working with Rex 3

At Rex 3, we have decades of experience working with clients to plan and produce high-quality packaging materials containing designs that stand out and encourage repeat business. From choosing the right colors and fonts to the manufacturing process, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the final product surpasses your expectations.

Contact us today to learn how Rex 3 can help your business get the most out of its packaging with premium design consulting.