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A Tech-First Approach Prioritizes the Environment

Since first founding in 1959, Rex 3’s owners and operators have consistently recognized the need to place technology at the forefront of their approach to print marketing success. Whether adapting digital asset management solutions in the 1990s to streamline the proofing process or developing in-house SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools in the late 2000s, staying ahead of industry tech trends has helped Rex 3 become an all-around efficient operation.

Rex 3’s unrivaled speed-to-market means no amount of production or workflow goes wasted, which creates the most energy-efficient print marketing process possible. By combining a fleet of high quality commercial printers with a dynamic range of print marketing digital programs, Rex 3’s approach to green printing makes the most of its hardware and software in tandem.


A Green Business Has Efficient Distribution and Inventory Management

Print marketing goes further than just putting together aesthetic designs for customers. If the collateral is not delivered with care in a timely manner, the messaging intended for the audience can be thrown off or entirely compromised. Inconsistent or inefficient fulfillment of these materials can frustrate otherwise recurring customers or miss narrow windows of opportunity to generate conversions.

The management capabilities of Rex 3’s fulfillment center allow clients total control over when print marketing collateral deploys. Campaigns often need to change or respond to market needs, which is why Rex 3 gives clients the bandwidth to adjust as needed. This flexibility ensures that no assets end up as opportunity costs, and greatly reduces the resources involved in logistics and shipment.


Speak with a Rex 3 Agent to Learn More About the Firm’s Green Printing Abilities

Interested in implementing a print marketing campaign but concerned about potential carbon footprint or the resources involved? Our representatives are happy to provide guidance and insight on how any business can implement an efficient and environmentally-friendly print marketing strategy with Rex 3.

Call our agents at 954-452-8301 to learn more.