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How Important is Retouching for Branding and Print Marketing Purposes?

Visual assets are some of the most important components of a marketing strategy that any company has, particularly those sourced in-house. If imagery is not immediately attractive or in any way off-putting, it can fail to capture attention in the critical opening stages of when a potential customer first interacts with a product or campaign.

By investing in retouching services, companies will have the opportunity to enhance their images and photos to a level where they can be repurposed across marketing mediums. Customers that were drawn to high-quality images on social media or through other channels will appreciate the familiarity when they encounter them again on packaging or in a brochure with additional service information. Enhanced retouched imagery can also be repurposed into other assets later on with adjustments to backgrounds or through scaling and resizing.

The familiarity of a company’s striking visuals can be something that immediately factors into its perceived branding if executed correctly. Relying on standard imagery photographed locally or sourced from a media provider will only take a company so far. Those seeking to obtain the greatest amount of growth in their fields must do all they can to create an impression on their audience, which includes enriching their visual resources.


Rex 3’s Premium Retouching Services

At Rex 3, our commitment to utilizing the best technology available in the print marketing industry means we are better equipped than anyone to provide retouching on photos and images. We can help businesses across a variety of fields in not only enhancing their existing visual assets, but also creating new photography and images with the help of our design studio.

Some of the features of our state-of-the-art design studio include:

  • Over 3,600+ sq. ft. of photography space
  • A 24’x24’ cyclorama wall
  • Phase One P25 digital camera back with Hasselblad or 4”x5” formats
  • Bron Color lighting system
  • Kitchen available for food prep/photo shoots
  • Five Macintosh design studio stations

Rex 3 consistently delivers visuals that not only leave a lasting impact on potential customers, but also feature a high degree of repurposability. Whether visual assets require color conversions, error corrections, manipulation, resizing, lighting, or shading; our graphic design team have the experience and resources at their disposal to get images looking as brilliant as possible.


Considerations to Make When Retouching Marketing Photos

The retouching process will require a unique series of visual adjustments depending on the industry to which the media applies. Preparing an image for use across print marketing collateral and other channels often goes much further than merely adjusting the contrast in Adobe.

The best examples come from the cosmetic industry and other product-based fields that rely on models for their marketing success. When retouching images after photoshoots, professional editors will often employ skin airbrushing, make-up correction, stray hair removal, and teeth whitening to force the blossoming of images—regardless of whatever existing beauty is present.

However, a company interested in visual assets that may not be as product-focused could instead concern themselves with elements such as background color, lighting corrections, and cropping for use across print media. Overall, design teams need to consider which elements of an image will have the greatest effects on the perceptions of their target audience, then utilize the tools available to create the most impactful visual experience.


Working with Rex 3

At Rex 3, we have decades of experience working with clients to plan and produce high-quality visual materials with retouching services that create stand-out images. From professional photography shoots to the final retouching process, our graphic design professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your visual assets look better than ever before.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company’s print marketing efforts through image and photo retouching services.

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