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Print is as powerful as ever. Branding choices and designs continue to leave lasting impressions on audiences. Today, the print marketing materials of a business must be relevant and applicable across channels without sacrificing the quality of a single print. Rex 3 has helped clients live up to that standard for over 64 years.



A great print marketing campaign starts with considerate and precise design. Rex 3 not only has over six decades of creative experience in developing visuals that resonate with audiences, but also industry-leading hardware and software to deploy these designs on a scale with unrivaled consistency.

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Rex 3 infrastructure supports flexibility if campaigns have to change or face delays. Our Sunrise, FL facility is a primary factor of our success as a full-service print marketing firm. With nearly a hundred thousand square feet of storage space, Rex 3’s operations center serves as an optimal solution for the physical management, distribution, and ongoing retainment of marketing collateral.

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Putting marketing materials together is a process in itself. Getting them in the hands of the right potential or active customers is an entirely different challenge. Rex 3 gladly takes on the fulfillment needs of our clients’ print marketing strategies with techniques such as variable data printing. This saves clients time and increases long-term efficiency through conserving inventory and resources

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Packing, organizing, and shipping out collateral can be a laborious ordeal for any business. Many markets have logistical needs that demand modern solutions some companies may not be equipped to deliver themselves, such as dropshipping. The scope of services available from Rex 3 includes distribution assistance that leads to the most rapid and secure delivery of messaging possible — including insertion of packing materials.

Why Rex3

About Us

We’ve been printing, mailing and shipping all kinds of custom print jobs for the past 64 years, and we excel at all of the tasks that involve those processes. Thanks to all of the experience our team members have gathered, we are considered one of America’s top 100 commercial printers.