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Understanding the Stitching Process

Saddle stitching and perfect binding are two of the most widely used methods for binding multi-page print products.

Saddle stitching involves using staples to bind multiple pages together along the spine. This method is typically used to bind booklets, brochures, magazines, and other materials that have eight or more pages. For saddle stitching to work, the number of pages must be a multiple of four, and there should not be more than 68 pages.

Perfect binding involves using glue to bind multi-page materials that have 28 or more pages. If your products have 68 or more pages, perfect binding must be used in place of saddle stitching in order to ensure strong adhesion.

Rex 3 offers multiple binding options—including saddle stitching and perfect binding—to ensure we have the right solution for whatever your project entails.


Why to Trust Rex 3 with Stitching and Other Printing Services

At Rex 3, our professional printing services are designed to be efficient and consistent. We maintain high standards for quality to ensure your print products surpass your expectations.

Some of our high-end stitching technology includes the Muller Bravo Plus 6-Pocket Stitcher as well as a single spool saddle stitching unit. Along with over 20 other premium hardware systems and several print softwares, these two machines make for an unrivaled bindery process. Rex 3’s focus remains squarely on achieving the most rapid speed to market possible for each of our clients, and an accurate stitching phase is crucial to that goal.

Our experienced creative teams will help you plan and produce high-quality print materials that positively represent your brand and maximize the results of your print marketing campaigns.


Working with Rex 3

With decades of experience, Rex 3’s creative teams have the knowledge and expertise needed to handle all of your printing needs while providing fast turnaround and exceptional quality control.

Using our advanced commercial digital and offset printing equipment, we’ll work with you to create high-performing print marketing campaigns that increase your organization’s brand awareness and help you establish strong customer relationships.