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What is Important to Consider in Management of Marketing Campaign Materials?

A tech-oriented and large facility such as that of Rex 3 is optimal for the management of print collateral to be used in marketing campaigns. Printed assets require comprehensive support and solutions at a commercially scalable level to manage. Ensuring accurate production and total cost data for all printed assets requires reliable software, as well.

After accounting for desired client variables and receiving customer data, data processing applications will sort information automatically and use it to generate individual digital proofs. These proof files can either be reviewed as renderings or quickly produced as prototypes for a more direct evaluation experience. Any necessary adjustments can be easily implemented and reproduced across collateral.

Tracking the effectiveness of these materials will allow companies to make further adjustments as a campaign progresses along various timelines. These long-term optimizations will allow any business to consistently capture a target audience with the dynamic precision they desire in the messaging of their print marketing materials. Emphasizing the importance of data now leads to higher quality data in the future, which can become a compounding success factor for any company.


Rex 3’s Inventory Management Facility

Our North American manufacturing center in Sunrise, FL includes nearly 100,000 square footage of warehouse space for the ongoing storage and immediate recall of any print marketing assets. This is a secure and temperature-controlled facility that functions as an excellent means for businesses to house their marketing materials without occupying space at existing locations.

Storing assets for future deployment allows businesses the option to dynamically and rapidly respond to audience needs that can arise at a moment’s notice. When paired with a reliable fulfillment strategy such as the one Rex 3 utilizes, clients can rest easy knowing they will be able to provide messaging within critical windows of opportunity on an ongoing basis.


Organize Your Company Collateral with Rex 3’s Inventory Management Services

When performed with dedication, inventory management can yield greater speed-to-market and potential cost-saving opportunities for self-attentive businesses. However, with a partner to directly watch over, monitor, and deploy materials; the same benefits can be achieved without the stress.

Call on Rex 3 now to get started with the development of print marketing strategies and materials that make use of our inventory management expertise.