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How Rex 3 Helps Businesses Get the Most out of Their Packaging Printing

Packaging is a crucial component of the customer experience. This helps explain why Rex 3 has successfully developed package and folding carton marketing materials with companies across a variety of industries such as cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, financial services, entertainment, and many others.

Thanks to the wealth of technology available in-house, Rex 3 consistently produces modern packaging designs that feature premium visuals and tactile effects. The champion of the production process is the Heidelberg XL 106 SuperPress, but Rex 3 also features roughly over fifteen other machines crucial to folding, gluing, die cutting, and foil-embossing.

With this massive emphasis on hardware—complimented by a variety of data management and design software programs—Rex 3 consistently streamlines the packaging and folding carton manufacturing processes for the fastest speed-to-market (STM) possible. Rex 3 specializes in both traditional and luxury folding cartons, but can also create custom packaging prototypes to help any business provide an ideal product experience for their customers.


Why Packaging Printing Matters

Businesses need to ensure that every interaction a customer has with their brand is positive and memorable. In many cases, an unboxing is your customers’ first experience with your brand, making it all the more important to carefully consider your packaging design.

Packaging printing and folding carton services offer businesses a wide range of advantages that help them improve the customer experience and stand out from the competition.

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Working with Rex 3

Packaging and folding carton creation is an essential service that helps brands elevate their print marketing strategies. At Rex 3, we specialize in offering world-class packaging printing and design services that help our clients save money, improve their marketing results, and encourage brand loyalty.

Contact us today to learn more about our package printing and folding carton services.