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Why is Graphic Design Important to My Business?

The images a company puts out are one of the first touchpoints a customer has in the journey of their relationship with a business. It is important at this moment for the visuals to make an impression that encourages the customer to seek further engagement with a brand. If the optical messaging is off or inappropriate in any way, it can risk failing to capture valuable business.

For product-based companies, graphic design will be an essential part of the marketing process given its involvement in creating marketing collateral. Service-based businesses also benefit from quality graphic design, such as through the creation of brochures that present the capabilities of their business in an attractive and encouraging format for prospective clients.

Businesses that fail to respect graphic design’s crucial role in the early stages of the customer journey will miss out on opportunities they otherwise could have had. Therefore, when starting a business or considering a rebrand, it is wise to rely on creative professionals to implement the most effective solutions.

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How Rex 3 Helps Companies with Graphic Design

Graphic design is a core component of Rex 3’s comprehensive prepress services. Our firm utilizes advanced computer-to-plate technology during the editing stages to put clients in complete control of any desired adjustments or corrections. The digital thermal plate setter automates data flow for our premium presses directly to high-quality printing plates.

Rex 3’s digital proofing ensures that prototypes will generate exactly within client expectations. Prior to creation, we utilize laser-verification to confirm precise details of production files. During the digital proofing process, clients will have the opportunity to check, feel, engage, and experience their graphics for the first time in a similar fashion to their customers. This allows for a more effective evaluation process than merely observing a 3D rendering on a computer screen for approval.

Another important piece of proofing technology is our Fuji Final Proof system. Fuji Final Proof CMYK halftone dots generate onto film and then laminate onto the actual paper on which graphics will print. Some benefits of the Fuji Final Proof are:

  • Ability to simulate 80% of spot color applications
  • Ability to image opaque white that can be applied to sheet-fed materials
  • Ability to create color proofs and mock-ups digitally that require white ink or a metallic effect to be applied

Implementing successful graphic design requires going further than choosing the right colors and shapes. Rex 3’s premium print marketing technology will give businesses the opportunity to evaluate and confirm their branding caters to the needs and interests of any target audience.


Tips for Effective Graphic Design

With so many years of service across a variety of industries, Rex 3 has gradually come to understand over time what tactics make for the best graphic design across business. While it is important when building a brand to tailor to the needs of desired audiences, there are still general rules a company should follow when making design choices.

Here are three key considerations to make when conducting graphic design:

  • Distinctiveness: Unique branding is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign, but especially print. Graphics that capture and retain attention will leave impressions much more effectively than relying on traditional or familiar designs.
  • Messaging: Images and visuals communicate just as directly as words—often in more profound ways. Consider what icons, fonts, and other graphical components are saying about a company when they are first encountered by customers.
  • Replicability: While a profound design with a kaleidoscope of colors may stick in the head of anyone that sees it, such a graphic may be hard to reproduce in marketing materials or on other company material. Graphics that reflect simplicity will not only be easier for audiences to perceive, but will also help make the manufacturing process more efficient.
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Working with Rex 3

At Rex 3, we have decades of experience working with clients to plan and produce high-quality direct mail marketing materials with graphic design that stands out and encourages repeat business. From choosing the right materials to the production process, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the final product surpasses your expectations.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your company rebrand efforts with effective graphic design.

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