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Why Rex 3 for Digital Printing?

As a full service graphics communications company, Rex 3 has the best infrastructure and approach for handling digital printing projects anywhere in the industry. Our comprehensive process will ensure that your business’ desired brand objectives are fully realized and achieved through the company’s new marketing materials.

The difference starts in the prepress process. After secure transfer of files and other company data critical to production, the Rex 3 digital proofing process commences. This involves using Epson and Fuji Final Proof technology—as well as other high-end design and data management software—to create color mock-ups in a digital format that may require special white inks or metallic effects.

Before creating a physical prototype, Rex 3 will laser-verify the production file for precision before it undergoes a trimming process prior to client review. This digital proofing process allows clients to check, feel, engage and have a tactile experience with their marketing collateral prototypes—rather than just examine their potential output on a computer screen.

As for production itself, Rex 3 utilizes six of the best printing presses available in the industry—particularly as they apply to digital printing jobs. Two presses from HP in particular—the HP Indigo 12000 and 7900—provide unparalleled short run digital printing speeds that will provide timely turnarounds on projects with narrow timelines. The utilization of electroink, color management tools, and in-line spectrometers ensure production of quality visuals with a high degree of accuracy.


How Digital Printing Works

Digital printing involves sending digital files (PDFs, TIFFs, PSDs, etc.) directly to a printer. This eliminates the need for printing plates, films, color proofs, and other mechanical steps that are required for traditional printing methods. Digital printing machines are able to create reproducible high-quality images with great consistency.

As digital printing solutions have become more popular, new features and material options have been introduced. This makes commercial digital printing an incredibly efficient, flexible, and versatile option for current and future printing jobs.

Some of the key features of digitally-printed marketing collateral include:

  • Customizability: Variable Data Printing (VDP) makes it easy to customize graphics and text on a print-by-print basis. For example, this can be used to create personalized greeting cards for a direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Faster turnaround: The digital printing process is simple and fast. With no need for printing plates and other steps required by traditional printing methods, printing can begin at the time of order.
  • Efficiency: As digital printing does not require printing plates, unit costs for low-volume jobs are lower than they would be with traditional printing methods.
  • High-quality: Digital printing machines produce consistently high-quality images with incredible depth and color accuracy. Digital printing also makes color matching much easier.

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Offset printing and digital printing are both very popular and beneficial printing techniques that are best suited for different needs.

Offset printing involves using printing plates to transfer images to rubber blankets and then to the final printing material. This process offers consistency, flexibility, and versatility; while also serving as a cost-effective solution for high-volume print jobs.

However, for low-volume print jobs and print jobs that require customization for each piece, offset printing can become complicated and lag on production time. For jobs that require a degree of unique style in each offering, digital printing offers a more efficient alternative to the offset approach.


Working with Rex 3

At Rex 3, we specialize in providing high-quality digital printing solutions that help allow our clients to create effective marketing materials quickly without sacrificing quality. We use the most advanced equipment and modern printing practices to ensure superior image quality every time.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional digital printing services.