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How Rex 3 Implements Variable Data Processing in Print Marketing

The hardware and software combo that Rex 3 offers includes variable data processing services that greatly assist the development and implementation of various print marketing campaigns. Depending on crucial factors to a client or their given audience, images and messaging can receive automatic adjustment that will reliably reproduce across several types of print marketing collateral.

After accounting for desired client variables and receiving customer data, data processing applications will sort information automatically and use it to generate individual digital proofs. These proof files can either be reviewed as renderings or quickly produced as prototypes for a more direct evaluation experience. Any necessary adjustments can be easily implemented and reproduced across collateral.

Tracking the effectiveness of these materials will allow companies to make further adjustments as a campaign progresses along various timelines. These long-term optimizations will allow any business to consistently capture a target audience with the dynamic precision they desire in the messaging of their print marketing materials. Emphasizing the importance of data now leads to higher quality data in the future, which can become a compounding success factor for any company.


Key Rex 3 Variable Data Processing Equipment and Software

Presses (eight total machines)

  • 40 inches Heidelberg XL 106 – AQ and UV capabilities
  • HP Indigo 7900 – 6-color variable digital data sheetfed press
  • 29 inches HP Indigo 12000 – 7-color variable data digital sheetfed press
  • Kodak Digimaster HD300 – high laser speed printers
  • Halm Jet 2C – Envelope Press

Mailing Equipment (20 total machines)

  • SureFeed Feeder
  • StreamFeeder
  • StracPack Machines
  • Pro-fold Tabbers
  • Pitney Bowes – Flowmaster RS Inserters
  • MCS Pro Tabbers
  • MCS Flomaster – Inkjet Printers
  • MCS Eagle FlexPrint – Inkjet System
  • MCS – Inkjet printers
  • Dynaric Strap Machine

Mailing Software Solutions and Services

  • XMPIE Software
  • BCC Direct Mail Manager
  • EFI Suite Print Operations Management System
    • ColorProof XF
    • Market Direct Store Front
  • Pace Suite Print Operations Management System

Put Data to Work with Rex 3’s Variable Processing Services

With variable data processing, creative personalization becomes streamlined and stress-free. Materials more conducive to engagement will yield greater conversions and provide more accurate assessments of audience behavior for considering how to target them in the future.

Speak with a Rex 3 agent today to learn more about how variable data processing can amplify the print marketing efforts of your business.