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Advantages of Using Rex 3 for Trading Card Printing and Deck Game Manufacturing Services

Rex 3 utilizes the best hardware and software available to consistently produce high-quality collectable trading cards and deck games for businesses around the world such as Topps. We utilize six different styles of printing presses — including the HP Indigo 12000 — to accommodate a wide variety of colors and cardstock materials for both trading card and deck game manufacturing.

We also utilize in-house software known as Card Factory to help manage our entire trading card manufacturing enterprise. Created by the development services team, Card Factory allows Rex 3 to produce faster project turnarounds and product outputs compared to other print marketing agencies that rely on third party software to handle client and company data.

For example, our card collation process occurs with automatic accuracy during the printing stage. While many others in the industry must collate cards by hand — and may even charge additional fees for this service — Rex 3’s commitment to the best technology available ensures even the most standard of client jobs have access to premium printing techniques. By working with major business tech brands such as HP, Rex 3 reduces the risk of human error while also reducing production costs for our clients.

Our company has 60 years of experience in printing, mailing, and shipping custom print jobs for businesses across a variety of industries around the world. With key operating centers in both North America and Europe, Rex 3’s custom trading card and deck game manufacturing services function on a global scale from the pre-production process through the end of distribution.


Key Advantages of Collectable Trading Card Printing and Deck Game Manufacturing

Email newsletters and video ad campaigns may help you reach larger audiences and increase your brand awareness, but they do not offer the personalized touch customers need to connect with your brand on a deeper level.

While many brands prioritize digital marketing tactics, it is important to recognize the benefits of modern print marketing methods so that you can maximize your reach.

Our collectable trading card printing and deck game manufacturing services are focused on helping businesses improve their marketing tactics via collateral that includes these benefits:

  • Versatility: Collectable trading cards offer a unique way for businesses to create an impression on potential clients and existing customers. Product, service, and/or personnel information for any given company can all be communicated in a non-traditional format that will stand out in the memories of recipients. Card decks can be used to play a variety of classic commonly-known games featuring multiple people and are prized for their utility in time-killing situations.
  • Convenience: Trading cards are easy to distribute at a moment’s notice and can communicate their messaging in a respectful amount of time for recipients. Deck games often shine when people find themselves in situations requiring arduous waits, and audiences will look favorably upon the company that rescues them from their boredom.
  • Strengthen customer relationships: Collectable trading cards make it easy to network with customers in person—allowing brands to stand out and strengthen their customer relationships through distinctive and memorable marketing materials. Decks of cards that offer additional value through design or entertainment can communicate how a business goes above and beyond for its customers at all times.

Working with Rex 3

At Rex 3, our team dedicates themselves to providing high-quality customer experiences and industry-leading print services. Contact us today to learn more about how our professional collectable trading card printing and deck game manufacturing capabilities can help your business reach clients or hobbyists anywhere on earth.

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