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Does Rex 3 do more than printing?

Yes, we are a full-service graphic communications company that offers solutions from concept to delivery. Our services include photography and design support, prepress and printing services, die-cutting and structural design, mailing services, fulfillment and distribution, asset management, web-based print solutions, 1-to-1 marketing, and variable direct mail.

What are direct mail lists?

A direct mail list complete with prospects names is necessary for your mail campaign. Without a direct mail list, a portion of your marketing budget could be wasted and your mailing could be perceived by customers and prospects as “junk mail.”

What are the different types of printing methods?

Print communication is an extension of your brand. In a world of messages and constant information, creative and innovative marketing is crucial. It’s the words in the messages that matter, but also how the message is displayed and delivered.

What are the different types of sales collateral?

In a digital era, print has stood the test of time and remained relevant and reliable for every industry. People depend on print because it works! The power of the written word matters in marketing collateral.

What are the three types of packaging?

Successful marketing strategies incorporate all aspects of the customer experience and journey. Packaging, while it serves a variety of functions, is an extension of a brand. The quality of a product is vital, but the product’s packaging design is just as important. Customers rely on packaging to deliver exactly what they purchased, with appropriate information that is easy to read.

What does commercial printing mean?

Commercial printing supports industries and businesses across the globe. Printed marketing materials can reach more prospective clients and audiences when used in conjunction with a variety of business communication tools. Printed materials when added to digital or online campaigns can increase brand awareness, conversions, retention, sales, and customer loyalty/advocacy.

What is direct mail effective?

Direct mail is personalized and more engaging. This is the most effective way to connect with customers and prospects as it identifies, and then, appeals to their wants, needs, and preferences. Direct mail works because it is strategic and customer-centric. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that many consumers are not desensitized to direct mail because “junk mail” is primarily a trend of the past.

What is large format printing?

When you need to display a large message, large format printing will ensure it is seen. Large and wide format digital printing involves a print roll width between 18” and 100”(over 9 feet). These projects can be seen on vehicles, on buildings, hung over roads, displayed over sidewalks, and in any space that serves as a visual connection. Large format printing can be helpful in situations where there’s a large space for promotional signage. The image quality is superior, so your logo, graphics, and messages look their very best in the spotlight.

What is offset printing?
Offset printing and digital printing are two of the most commonly used printing methods. While digital printing offers accessibility and on demand benefits, offset printing offers longer runs.
What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

2-sided printing in one run using Nexpress

What is the digital printing process?

Digital printing is the process of printing media, text, graphics, and images from a digitally-based image through the use of laser or inkjet printers. There are a lot of options for customization in the digital printing process. This differs from the traditional printing press which limits design and individualization. Digital printing has evolved into a superior process that delivers a strong final product.

What is variable data printing?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of one-to-one marketing that utilizes personalized mailings based on demographics and buyer personas. This marketing method is utilized to increase response rates and reduce printing costs since print runs are shorter and more targeted when compared to traditional campaigns.

Why is marketing collateral important?

Marketing collateral refers to an assortment of media that is used to improve the sales of a product or service for a business. The growth of a business is the central motivation behind marketing collateral. Without it, a business limits itself and does not reach beyond its current level of success.

Why you need a print marketing collateral strategy?

A print marketing collateral strategy may include printed sales collateral, promotional brochures and catalogs, letterhead, newsletters, and other items to help increase the sales of your products and services. It is important to remember that print marketing collateral also includes training documents, trade show and seminar packages, and much more.