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What is Die Cutting?

Die-cutting is a process that involves using a sharp metal blade—commonly-known as a die—to slice materials into specific dimensions.

A die-cutting machine is similar to a cookie cutter, which makes it possible to create custom shapes that cannot be replicated by other printing methods. This means that instead of having to stick to square and rectangular materials with sharp angles, you can use rounded and curved edges to create completely unique designs.


Why Choose Die Cutting with Rex3?

Rex 3 utilizes premium Kluge and Young Shin die cutters to produce packaging and folding cartons used in many print marketing strategies that must feature a consistent design. Our focus on streamlined manufacturing through the best technology available ensures that every client will get the greatest speed-to-market possible for each of their deliverables.

Our die cutting capabilities allow us to generate premium paper, leatherette, luxury, and promotional folding cartons. Rex 3 can also produce advanced packaging for manufacturing equipment that requires print on difficult and exotic substrates. We do so with an industry-leading commitment to quality control, which confirms each project prints as intended.

Die-cutting can be used for a wide range of paper marketing materials such as trading cards—a specialty product of Rex 3—making it a great option for businesses seeking flexibility and versatility for their print advertising campaigns.

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Custom Die Cut Marketing Materials

Die cutting offers great flexibility and works for a wide variety of common paper advertising materials,including

  • Custom Trading Cards
  • Flyers and Posters
  • Direct Mail Materials
  • Stickers and Decals

With the range of accessible materials available through this method, die-cutting is a great way to create personalized marketing materials that strengthen your consumer relationships and build brand awareness.


Die Cutting Paper

Choosing the right die cutting paper is important to ensure your marketing collateral stands out and accurately reflects your desired brand image.

Common paper types for die cutting include:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Uncoated
  • Pearlescent

Each type of paper offers a distinct finish that can improve the look and feel of your cards, flyers, and other materials. Synthetic plastic is also a great option to create a durable final product without sacrificing appearance.


Working With Rex3

At Rex 3, we have 60 years of experience printing, mailing, and shipping a wide variety of custom print jobs—including die-cut customized print marketing materials.

Our knowledgeable and creative teams focus on delivering high-quality marketing materials in a timely manner by utilizing both a Kluge and Young Shin die-cutting machine. We prioritize quality control and do our best to ensure our services surpass your expectations every time, even under tight deadlines.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional die-cutting services.

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