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Direct marketing with VARIABLE Data PRINTING SERVICES

Rex 3 variable data printing services  in Florida

Explore variable data printing on your next marketing plan.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is often recognized as personalized printing or one-to-one marketing because it affords companies the ability to produce customized, targeted sales and marketing collateral for prospective customers. From big brands to small organizations, variable data printing is an ideal solution for significantly increasing response rates while reducing overall printing costs as print runs are shorter and more targeted as opposed to traditional campaigns.

Ever wonder how those direct mail pieces in your mailbox seem to speak directly to you? VDP automates the direct mail process so that each individual piece appears as if it's been purposely designed and printed for just one person. For example, VDP makes it possible to print 5,000 individual postcards with a unique, customized message for each recipient. When executed properly, your message gets through, response rates go up and so does your ROI.

Variable Data Printing example combining a customized direct mail piece with a PURL (Personalized URL)


High-Quality Variable Data Printing at Rex 3

Imagine the power of being able to design a custom message for each prospective customer, tailored to their age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, and more. At Rex 3, we make the possibilities of mixing and matching relevant images, personal messages and PURLs are almost infinite. Utilizing the industry’s most advanced variable data printing technology we create both the marketing collateral and marketing campaigns that increase the number of measurable responses for your business.

Our specialists at Rex 3 are fully equipped to help you distinguish and elevate your company with the incredible technology of variable data printing. Contact us today to learn more about our VDP solutions and how you can harness the power of VDP.

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Printing Services

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- Personalized event promotions

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- Personalized letters and invitations

- Custom brochures and catalogs