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Sproutloud Case Study


Digital printing and new variable data technology lets you send direct mail offers to your prospects based on how they interact with your website. We can work with you to automate this process so your offline marketing efforts are more timely, personalized, and efficient to help you convert more customers. 


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Fast and reliable printing services.

SproutLoud is a leading Marketing Resource Management solution provider helping brands coordinate, manage, and execute marketing programs with the local businesses that sell their products and services. Their web-based distributed marketing platform provides marketing services and tools in an easy to use interface, enabling local business marketers to access the materials they need in the media of their choice, customize them, and reach their target audience with brand-controlled messaging. SproutLoud’s client base spans across multiple verticals, including cruise lines, travel agencies, insurance, jewelry, restaurants and retail businesses.

The Challenge

SproutLoud’s clients need to provide their local partners with print marketing options such as direct mailers, restaurant menus, brochures & collateral, and banners & signage. In turn, SproutLoud must offer their clients high-quality and cost-efficient printing services with low minimums and fast lead times.

The Solution

Rex Three worked closely with SproutLoud to integrate a turnkey order processing solution into the SproutLoud marketing platform. This allowed SproutLoud’s clients, as well as the clients’ local partners, to place an order for printed materials, and have the order sent directly to Rex, thus eliminating several manual steps. Rex also instituted digital print-on-demand capabilities, allowing SproutLoud to reduce minimum order quantities to one.

The Results

Automating the order process resulted in a reduction in production costs, and a reduction in the time it took from placing a print order to the materials shipping. It also made ordering print materials easier for the businesses, thereby improving user satisfaction. Since integrating with Rex Three, SproutLoud has experienced a steady increase in businesses utilizing our print services and along with SproutLoud, Rex is able to offer complete marketing distribution solutions.

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Case Studies

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Services used on this case study:

- Digital print on demand solutions

- Print management processes and software