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Offset printing services 

Offset printing services in Florida


Get superior quality using our offset printing services.

Offset printing is a widely used printing technique in which ink is transferred from a printing plate onto paper or another material, but instead of the plate pressing directly against the paper, the printed image is first offset onto a soft roller and then transferred on the material. Offset printing decreases the chance of the printing plate wearing out through repeated impressions on the paper, and produces consistently higher quality and sharper prints.

Browse through your favorite magazine or take a closer look at the next piece of direct mail that lands at your doorstep. These are just two examples of offset printing that are widely used today.

Introducing the Heidelberg XL106, the most advanced offset printing press


Acquiring the SuperPress, the Heidelberg XL106, the most advanced offset press available today, was part of a $5 million technology and equipment upgrade that expands capabilities that meet the expectations of today’s savvy and selective customers. With up to 6 colors and specialty coatings, The SuperPress is the workhorse of the production floor, running at 18,000 sheets per hour, the six color SuperPress delivers the truest colors, depth, precision and accuracy on every project. 

Print Your Marketing Collateral Using Offset Printing

The key to quality commercial printing goes beyond achieving a fantastic finished product. At Rex 3 we ensure a superior result every time by delivering expert print planning, prepress services, execution and then production on the most advanced offset equipment available today.  Our SuperPress, the Heidelberg XL 106, is high-speed, high-precision sheet-fed offset printing at its best. This commercial printing technology complements the full array of professional printing, digital printing, binding, finishing and fulfillment services.  It also enables us to deliver the latest trends in printing, folding carton manufacturing and finishes on the widest array of materials. For brands looking to stay top and rise above the competition, precision offset printing technology is your secret weapon.

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