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Business print communications are an extension of a brand’s marketing plan but a generic bulk-mailing marketing campaign can often leave customers feeling frustrated by “junk mail.” As interest in sustainability increases amongst consumer markets and becomes less trendy, and more of an expectation, the idea of wasteful mail could potentially alienate a percentage of a company's prospective target audience and their existing customer base.

Design and create customized direct mail marketing campaigns with Variable Data Printing (VDP). VDP, a form of one-to-one marketing that utilizes personalization, versioning and dynamic viable to create targeted marketing using data to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Generates increased response rates and reduced printing costs since print runs are shorter and more targeted when compared to traditional campaigns. Proven to deliver the highest ROI’s in your print and marketing efforts. Tailored marketing combined with the advances in digital printing gives businesses an edge as custom messages can be geared towards a prospective customer’s age, gender, interests, buying habits, address, and more.

VDP automates the direct mail process so that each individual piece appears as if it's been purposely designed and printed for just one person. This can be as simple as personalized by name, to versioning and up to dynamic variable that leverages business logic and a library of images and content.

Customers respond positively to personalized mailings because it is an indication that they matter to a business and in today’s tech-driven world, digital printing makes this possible which means the most effective ROI’s are achieved with increased engagements and sales. VDP appeals to the emotional response associated with the customer’s sense of individuality.

Rex 3’s advanced VDP technology makes marketing collateral and campaigns possible so that your business can quantify measurable responses and successful customer engagement. Grow your business, highlight your branding, increase conversions, and save money by targeting your ideal customer with personalized printed items.

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Printing Services

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- Personalized event promotions

- Custom flyer design

- Direct mail pieces with VDP

- Personalized letters and invitations

- Custom brochures and catalogs