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  • Working with Rex 3

    Does Rex Three do more than printing?

    Yes, we are a full-service graphic communications company that offers solutions from concept to delivery. Our services include photography and design support, prepress and printing services, die-cutting and structural design, mailing services, fulfillment and distribution, asset management, web-based print solutions, 1-to-1 marketing, and variable direct mail.

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  • Commercial Printing
  • Direct Mail
    • Why is direct mail effective?

      Direct mail is personalized and more engaging. This is the most effective way to connect with customers and prospects as it identifies, and then, appeals to their wants, needs, and preferences. Direct mail works because it is strategic and customer-centric.

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      What are direct mail lists?

      A direct mail list complete with prospects names is necessary for your mail campaign. Without a direct mail list, a portion of your marketing budget could be wasted and your mailing could be perceived by customers and prospects as "junk mail."

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  • Packaging
    • Whare the three types of packaging?

      Successful marketing strategies incorporate all aspects of the customer experience and journey. Packaging, while it serves a variety of functions, is an extension of a brand. The quality of a product is vital, but the product's packaging design is just as important. Customers rely on packaging to deliver exactly what they purchased, with appropriate information that is easy to read.

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