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get more value from your digital and offset printing campaigns.

Over the last 60 years , we’ve worked with all kinds of brands in many projects, and more often than you think we see an awful constant: great designs and poor execution. Print and mail production is somehow excluded from the planning or creative phase of the project, creating challenges for both printers and their clients.

Usually it comes at the expense of trying to save money at the final production phase where there’s very little wiggle room. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as you’re willing to think ahead, there are plenty of issues we can help you solve to create affordable -yet astonishing- digital and offset printing campaigns.

Planning with Rex, helps you save without jeopardizing print or manufacturing quality. That’s why we try our best to understand upfront what you’re trying to achieve in order for us to find a way to help you save along the way and create affordable printed campaigns.

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- Multiple manufacturing processes available

- Design adjustments to save money and time

- Cost-effective paper and materials

- Guidance finding alternative methods to execute print projects