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use our FULFILLMENT SERVICES to save resources

Fulfillment_lineFulfillment & printing services in one place.

When details make a difference, it's important to consider every detail from the beginning. The challenege is not every one knows what to expect from each project. But the right partner should make fulfillment easy by offering afforable fulfillment solutions. Fulfillment services are about working with an overwhelming mound of redundant details, so your final product looks as professional as can be. With Rex, your project isn't cleared until we give each piece its Rex stamp of approval. Once it comes together, we'll deliver your final product to its destination(s) in a timely manner.

Rex 3 - a fulfillment company, too.

Yup, we offer advanced fulfillment and distribution services designed to keep your business in front of your audience using a quick, consistent, and seamless process. Just tell us how you'd like your project, and our team will make the most of time to pack it, fold it, sort it, stack it, you name it.

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Mail & Shipping

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- Folding and stuffing envelopes

- Gluing materials together

- Management, sorting, packing and shipping assets