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Oceania Cruises Case Study


Increased ROI through engagement in custom print campaigns.

Oceania Cruises is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line. The finest cuisine at sea, award-winning itineraries and outstanding value define Oceania Cruises’ five-star product and have positioned the company as the cruise line of choice for travelers seeking a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience. 


The Challenge

Support the sales process for future cruise bookings using the following techniques: engage with website visitors prior to mailing a comprehensive brochure, drive online visitors to a personalized web landing page to capture their travel preferences, and disperse data to telemarketing support on demand for timely follow up calls to online visitors. 

The Solution 

When a prospect visited the Oceania website to request a brochure, they were directed to a page prompting them to complete a brief mini-questionnaire.

1. A customized direct mail piece was created based on each prospect’s answers and a web-landing page was created for each prospect on demand using Rex’s variable data programming technologies.
2. The direct mail piece was printed with a personalized URL inviting them to visit their custom web-landing page with a promotional offer created specifically for them.
3. The landing page had the look and feel of Oceania’s website, yet resided on the Rex servers while giving Oceania’s campaign managers complete control of the pages through a campaign dashboard.
4. Rex was able to track each prospect’s visit to the assigned landing page and record their itinerary of interest. Once prospects selected their itinerary, they were immediately directed to Oceania’s corporate website.

The entire process from receiving the data to delivery to the post office occurred in a 14-hour timeframe everyday. 

The Results

The program generated a 49.73% response rate, which was measured by tracking the number of prospects that visited the landing page using the personalized URL received in the direct mail piece.

Oceana Cruises indicated that Rex’s print operation lowered customer acquisition costs significantly while improving the quality of the leads generated. Thus, moving leads through the sales generation funnel faster while increasing the conversion rate for bookings.

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Case Studies

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 Services used on this case study:

- Custom direct mail marketing solution

- PURL management system

- Brochure printing