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Topps Trading Cards enterprise printing Case Study


A custom streamlined print process to produce trading cards.

Topps Card Factory is an international marketer of entertainment products, collectible trading cards, confections, sticker collections, and collectible strategy games. Topps also manufactures the popular lollipop brands: Ring Pops, Push Pops, & Baby Bottle Pops.

The Challenge:

Topps required a complete system to manage all workflow for creating and approving, and automate a new way for them to quickly perfect and publish their trading cards. This enterprise print management solution had to be carefully planned and choreographed since at any given time, brand teams and their editors were planning and executing 50 projects simultaneously creating complex challenges in workflow and deliverables. Rex provided them with custom publishing tools to allow them to track all activities from design through file delivery for all project components… or in other words, tracking the production status of 20,000 pages using real time production analysis.

The Solution: 

Rex Three’s technology division analyzed and documented Topps’ publishing and production operations and implemented targeted business process management improvements that would meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The Results: 

Rex built an enterprise print management solution using a platform of digital asset management, web application development and delivered a custom publishing tool aptly named the “Topps Card Factory”. Within the managed workflow environment of the Card Factory, production coordinators at Topps work alongside the production coordinators at Rex to achieve on time file delivery to Rex Three’s print division or any vendor in the Topps network. Employing best practices in workflow management allowed Topps to reduce overhead and increase efficiency.

Rex’s enterprise print management solutions can be deployed in many unique situations. Partner with Rex for long term efficiency and cost savings for your business. Our expertise in advanced publishing systems, secure storage systems, web development, and digital asset management can be customized to streamline the manufacturing of your enterprise level print projects.

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Case Studies

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Services used on this case study:

- Custom publishing tools

- Print campaign planning

-Digital asset management solutions