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Heidelberg Pressman

Rex 3 is seeking an experienced printing press lead operator. You will be running our BRAND NEW Heidelberg XL-106. This fully automated production workhorse will allow you to practice your craft while using the most sophisticated in-press controls currently available.

Heidelberg 2nd operator

Rex 3 is seeking experienced assistant press operators. You will be part of a solid team that prides itself in quality and productivity. Improve your craft as you work closely with the lead operator setting up jobs and keeping the machine running at its optimum throughput.

Production Coordinator

Rex 3 is seeking a Production Coordinator position who acts as a liaison between the customer, sales Rex representatives (reps) and the internal teams. This person is responsible for developing and sustaining internal and external customer working relationships. The Production Coordinator oversees and manages the production of the job from the time the project begins through completion of the given project's deliverables. The Production Coordinator also coordinates communication between the sales reps, customers and manufacturing teams. Timely and frequent contact with customers and manufacturing teams make this a critical position for monitoring and improving Rex's quality, performance and reputation in the market place.

Cutter Operator

Rex 3 is seeking quality minded guillotine cutter operators.  If you consider yourself a craftsman this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. New Polar cutter, steady and consistent workload. High-end consumer entertainment product line.

Warehouse Associate

Rex 3 is seeking a warehouse associate who will receive and inventory all raw material, finished goods, production items and customer materials. Prepare and ship product to fulfill packaging and logistical requests. Transport stock manually and with the use of power trucks. Allocate raw materials for jobs.


Rex 3 is seeking an individual with the ability to drive large trucks and fork lifts. Be familiar with street and highway metro area; be able to read road and street maps. Obey traffic laws; be a safe and courteous driver. Must be able to lift, carry about 40 lbs and/or move heavy boxes with specified equipment. Must be quality and service-oriented for representing the company on the road.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Must meet all current requirements dictated by the state Department of Transportation including Commercial Driver’s License. Must be literate and have good problem-solving and communication skills. Know traffic laws; and be able to read maps.

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