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White Ink Printing Using the HP Indigo 7900

White ink printing HP Indigo 7900 Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Printing in white has been a challenge for all commercial printers. In the past, if a client requested white ink on a black or dark substrate there were several options. Historically the options included multiple passes on an offset press, silk screening, or foil stamping to achieve the desired result. For over 60 years, Rex 3 has solved complex print problems, and we have now solved the age-old problem of how to truly print in white ink. Welcome, the HP Indigo 7900, the latest in commercial digital printing technology to Rex 3.

What's White Ink Printing?

Rex 3's HP Indigo 7900 uses HP Electroink, a specially designed liquid white ink developed for commercial digital printing and the end results are remarkable! White ink can be utilized together with the full CMYK process to fill design elements, or it can be the only color in a layout.

White ink printing HP Indigo 7900 Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Our creative print designers can use white ink as an undercoat on colored substrates, as a spot color to brighten areas, or as a post coat for a vivid color when printing on clear substrates. The options to incorporate white ink into your print collateral are endless!

What are the Benefits of White Ink?

White ink is just the beginning of digital print customization – the HP Indigo 7900 utilizes a robust color management system ensuring color accuracy and consistency with every pass. This allows perfect color matching with custom PMS colors and accurate PANTONE® emulation. Other specialty digital print capabilities include spot color capabilities, high definition dot placement for sharp line work, raised print and microtext printing.

This press uses a blanket like a press, providing offset quality with the benefits of digital printing including short runs and variable data printing (VDP). The 13 x 19-inch HP Indigo 7900 runs substrates up to 18pt card stock with over 3000 substrates to choose from including plastic, metallic and other synthetic substrates digital printing is more versatile than ever to help you complete your printing projects.