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Quality Folding Carton Manufacturing 2023

Keys to Selecting a Folding Carton Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing is manufacturing, right? Find a vendor who can complete a quality job at a fair price, share some files, get your order. Not so fast. Quality in this scenario is up for interpretation. At Rex 3, we know that quality folding carton manufacturing is defined and measured. Here are four keys to selecting a quality folding carton manufacturing company:

  1. Communication is Key

The first key involves excellent communication. This can take many forms but should include secure file storage, transfer, and login access, and a timeline for each step in the process including selecting substrates, approving proofs, and final delivery. Most importantly, you should be able to pick up the phone and call someone who cares as much about your packaging design project as you do.

know how to communicate

  • Materials Matter

The second key to selecting a quality folding carton packaging company is found in the quality of the materials used. Not all substrates are created equal and your package design may suffer from a poor choice of an inferior or otherwise unacceptable material for packaging. If your folding cartons don’t stand up to shipping and shelving, you have a problem, not to mention a less than stellar customer experience with your brand. Confident substrate selections are made when your printer makes solid recommendations based on experience and longevity and uses relevant samples and prototypes to guide you through your options.


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  • Technology is Tops

Folding cartons are not new, but advances in packaging manufacturing keep pushing the boundaries of design, production, and quality. The third key to selecting a quality packaging manufacturer is ensuring your preferred manufacturer uses the best commercial printing technology, equipment, and technicians to complete the job to the highest quality standards every time. Quality in this case is measured in all the ways technology contributes to a superior final package through the quality assurance process.  This process includes utilizing the latest folding carton design software, inspection of all substrates upon delivery, high-speed, sheet fed systems that can print up to 6 colors on a variety of substrates that monitor pantones simultaneously, 26 unique in-line quality control precision sensors that constantly monitor the folding and gluing process for accuracy and lastly a final inspection by a trained technician. It’s not enough to have a long list of equipment. The best folding carton manufacturers know how to apply both technology and skilled technicians to the benefit of your finished folding carton.


Quality Folding Cartons3

  • Work with a true partner

A quality folding carton manufacturer also understands your industry. This is the fourth key to selecting a quality packaging manufacturer. You need a partner in this process, someone who uses their depth of knowledge and experience in commercial printing and folding carton manufacturing to make recommendations that reflect the latest packaging design trends and still meet the needs of your industry.


At the heart of Rex 3 lives a total commitment to quality, every customer, every job, every time. That’s how we’ve remained at the forefront of folding carton manufacturing and commercial printing for over 64 years. Let’s talk about your next folding carton project and make sure quality is defined and delivered!