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FOlding carton packaging manufacturing


Engage your customers with our value-added folding carton packaging styles that are custom designed and manufactured with your company’s brand identity at the core.
Let Rex 3 be your packaging solutions provider.

Folding Carton Packaging Manufacturing at Rex 3
For over 60 years not only have we been a leading commercial printer, we have also been a leading folding carton manufacturing company, designing and manufacturing quality folding carton packaging for some of the world’s most trusted and iconic brands.  Our standard, customized, line-item, and folding carton promotional packaging options create an emotional and tactile connection between your brand and the consumer through unforgettable custom package designs. Imagination Accomplished at Rex 3 since the only limit is your imagination!

Integrated Folding Carton Packaging Services

Custom Package Design Services


Package Manufacturing

Die Cutting

Folding & Gluing

Packaging Fulfillment


Package Quality Control and Inspection

 Advanced Folding Carton Packaging Manufacturing
Creating unforgettable packaging for some of the world’s top companies is what we do. From creating luxury packaging for cosmetic companies, primary and secondary packaging for nutraceutical companies, credit card loyalty program packaging for financial services companies, pharmaceutical folding cartons, or promotional packaging for the entertainment industry, you can trust Rex 3 will create folding carton designs and packaging that will stand out! With Rex 3 as your packaging partner, we have the expertise, the right technology, and the know-how to create effective, high-quality consumer and commercial packaging.

Take advantage of our: 

  • Modern package design and pressroom that produces industry-leading visual and tactile effects
  • Full technology and equipment suite for all your finishing needs including: Heidelberg XL 106 “SuperPress”, folder/gluers, foil stamping/embossing units, die cutting units, and automated hand-to-hand assembly.

Streamlined Folding Carton Manufacturing for Accelerated Speed-to-Market (STM)
Our streamlined and centralized packaging production model is designed to meet your deadlines while adhering to your brand’s specifications, packaging tolerances, and color consistency without sacrificing our industry-leading quality control and attention to detail. As a full service packaging solutions provider, our services include:  Package Design, Prepress, Folding Carton Package Manufacturing, Die Cutting, Folding & Gluing, finishing, Quality Control and fulfillment occur in our centralized 100,000 square foot secure manufacturing facility creating not only a cost saving for you but accelerating speed-to-market (STM) for your packaging.

We push the limits of imagination and creativity everyday with our selection of folding cartons and options services, which include:

  • Paper Folding Cartons
  • Leatherette Folding Cartons
  • Luxury Folding Cartons
  • Promotional Folding Cartons
  • Advanced packaging manufacturing equipment to print on difficult and exotic substrates
  • Produce packaging prototypes
  • Ability to apply anti-diversion coding to track the movement of your product
  • Exceed folding carton validation requirements such as drop and rub tests

Full Service Folding Carton Packaging Manufacturing for Every Industry
Rex 3 is the packaging solutions partner of choice for many reasons. Not only do we utilize industry-leading technology, we have a documented history of designing and producing quality folding cartons that are custom, memorable, and award-winning for a variety of packaging markets. Whether you are in the nutraceuticals, cosmetics, financial services, or a niche market, Rex 3 handles all aspects of custom package manufacturing under one roof. From package design and prepress to binding, packaging inserts, kitting, and fulfillment, we are your total packaging solutions provider.

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