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Rex 3’s Prepress Team Ensures Optimal Packaging

Our packaging prepress team is made up of graphic designers and prepress experts to ensure perfect printing and stellar results. Rex 3 for over 60 years has created award-winning modern packaging that adds value to our clients’ packaging and is visually appealing to the target consumer. Brands turn to Rex 3 for our industry-leading prepress technology because of our superior packaging quality and our speed-to-market (STM) times.

Advanced Prepress Technology for Perfect Packaging

Optimal folding carton packaging design does not happen by chance. Rex 3’s advanced prepress software and proofing processes are custom-designed to integrate your artwork seamlessly. Each packaging client is provided with secure login credentials to our web portal so they can view and engage with their digital prepress dashboard. This allows Rex 3’s prepress experts and the packaging client to work together to reach final approval. 

Rex 3’s Simplified Prepress Checklist for Seamless Workflow

  • Step 1- Artwork is needed (Rex 3 works with clients to upload pre-existing artwork or Rex 3 designs and uploads artwork.)
  • Step 2- Digital proof is created
  • Step 3- Proof is with packaging client
  • Step 4- Packaging client and Rex 3 both approve the proof.

These multiple levels of review and confirmation ensure that your brand’s folding carton packaging will be exactly as you intended. Brands breathe easier with our industry-leading packaging quality control process. We built numerous steps to review and approve the components of our folding carton project. Some of these elements include: secure virtual proofs, shelf-ready prototypes, and flat-color contract proofs.

Rex 3’s Prepress Team Ensures Optimal Packaging

Expertise and Innovation in Packaging Prepress

Our prepress team has over six decades of experience working with large global brands, Fortune 500 companies, and innovative startups ranging from technology to cosmetics, and nutraceutical companies. As a full-service commercial printing company, with all of our packaging services under one roof, we can be responsive, and agile, and can deliver on unique folding carton packaging challenges.

Why Choose Rex 3 for Your Packaging Needs

With Rex 3’s advanced prepress technology and experienced team, your packaging is in capable hands. Our commitment to quality, speed, and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for brands seeking exceptional packaging solutions. Discover the difference Rex 3 can make for your brand’s packaging today.