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Get Bold with our Printing Services

Creative Printing Service Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

As a marketing or advertising agency, you are under enormous pressure to deliver award-winning printing campaigns year-after-year. However, your goal is to locate a full-service commercial print partner who can deliver high-quality print collateral on-time and within your clients’ budget all-the-while guarding your reputation as it is their own. Your customers are entrusting you to handle their commercial print needs for their brand.For over 60 years, Rex 3 has been trusted by some of the world’s largest brands to manage all of their commercial print needs.

Initial Print Consultation Service

High-impact commercial print campaigns do not happen in a vacuum; they require precise execution. At Rex 3, our print collaborative approach ensures effective communication between all external and internal stakeholders, including the Chief Marketing Officer or Print Buyer, to our print design, pre-press, and our quality assurance teams.

With Rex 3 as your commercial print and packaging partner, we provide feedback on the print and packaging designs your client came up and also incorporate their brand’s needs and budget into the equation. Rex 3, as a full-service commercial printer and an expert across multiple industries, we can provide professional and practical insights from 60 years of experience that often get overlooked. Also, at this critical stage, our team of experts can take your vision from ordinary to extraordinary! Our clients take a deep breath because they know their print or packaging project is in good hands!

High-Impact Print Design

Marketing and advertising agencies trust Rex 3 to deliver structural design or a print finishing technique that is in-line with their client’s budget but provides maximum impact! We earned our motto at Rex 3 “Imagination Accomplished” thru the trust of our customers as a preferred print partner because we deliver your clients dream print or packaging design. Our superior commercial print and packaging technology such as the HP Indigo 7900 or the Heidelburg XL 106, the “SuperPress”, and our skilled team of artisans, allows your clients to go bold with print and experiment with unique possibilities others claimed “impossible.” Our clients know that when they want to make an impact with print, Rex has their back!

The Right Commercial Print Technology

Creative Printing Service Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

To create bold marketing and advertising campaigns takes the right suite of commercial printing technology. Marketing and advertising agencies count on Rex 3 because for over 60 years we continue to invest in the latest commercial printing technology to produce bold, award-winning print and packaging designs. As part of a planned $5 million dollar upgrade to our commercial printing portfolio, we acquired the Heidelberg, Speedmaster XL 106, the “SuperPress,” the offset printer of choice and the new, HP 7900 Indigo, the latest in digital offset printer technology. Clients can go bold with either press with the use of special substrates, UV coatings, off-press finishes, raised print, the ability to print in white or fluorescent ink and many other bold combinations!

In-House Fulfillment and Assembly

Clients often provide design specifications and special parameters during our initial consultation. However, our experience tells us that clients need our guidance and expertise when it comes to assembly and final fulfillment. Yes, depending on the job, you can go bold with the type of assembly, complex, simple, automated, or by hand during the final fulfillment of their product into the secondary packaging.

Rex 3 Experience in the Printing Industry

With 60 years’ experience as a business printing company, we know a printing company that you can trust to fulfill all of your commercial printing needs is a big decision. From your first interaction with Rex 3, you will know that Rex 3 has your back and your best interests at heart. You want to experience. You want value. You want your print job as soon as possible. What you need is a commercial print partner, not just another print vendor. With Rex 3 as your commercial printing partner, we will advise you on substrate options, design, digital or offset press selection, packaging, fulfillment, and delivery.