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Going Digital: The Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital Printing Benefits Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Can you imagine a world without digital printing? Before you answer, let’s take a quick look at what that would mean for your day to day interactions. From the printed mug in which you drink your morning cup of joe to the pen you use to sign your checks, the existence of digital print colorizes our lives and captures customers through captivating sales and marketing collateral

The vibrancy and high-quality finish of digital print can be used for practically any project. Need company flyers for the upcoming 5k Corporate Run? Check. Need a flashy pocket folder for a sales pitch? Check. How about a promotional kit to create positive interest from your customers? Check.

The benefits of digital printing are great—and coupled with the continuous technological advances in the printing industry, it's expected that digital printing will see a healthy incline for years to come. So, what makes digital printing the bee’s knee of the industry right now? Here are just a few reasons why it's the hot ticket for printers, companies, and designers alike:

Benefits of Digital Printing

  • Cost-Effective Printing Solution – The cost of printing new designs on a traditional press can hurt your pockets due to plate charges and setup fees. Because digital printing doesn’t require plates, the cost for printing plates for each color you use is eliminated. Print on demand: print what you need, when you need it digitally reducing waste.
  • Quick Turnaround Time When on a Tight Deadline – No plates, less setup. That’s right, folks—this means your digitally printed pieces are printed faster and you receive your order much sooner.

Digital Printing Benefits Rex 3 in Florida

  • Use Variable Data Printing – Digital printing is popular because it can print thousands of pieces with each one containing different information. This capability – known as variable data printing – has catapulted marketing into another dimension.
  • Digital Printing Offers High Quality – When it comes to promotional materials, vivid high-quality graphics captures the most attention. Digital printing presses can print at a resolution of almost double that of traditional presses, resulting in clean, clear images and striking colors.
  • Perfect for Short-Run, Commercial Print Jobs – This is one of the most acclaimed benefits of digital printing. You can order just the amount of print pieces you need, instead of ordering in bulk simply to get the best price.

These are just a few of the major benefits of digital printing. To get the most of digital printing, you should hire a commercial printer to do the job for you. Here at Rex 3, we have cornered the South Florida market on delivering high-quality, eye-catching digital print projects for some of the most elite clients in the world. And thanks to our full-service facility which offers a host of services including direct mail services, marketing fulfillment, packaging, inventory management, and distribution, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. Contact us today to learn more about how our digital printing capabilities can benefit you.