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On-Demand Digital Printing

Maximize the power and consitency of print and electronic messaging with our on demand digital print services.
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Rex 3 On-Demand Digital Print Services: Print What You Need, When You Need It

Compared to offset printing, on-demand digital printing utilizes less paper because you print only what you need, when you need it. Proven to save companies up to 35% on digital printing costs, on-demand print services is the perfect solution for marketing materials that require complete customization and personalization. Our print-on-demand VDP capabilities create highly targeted messages for different customers while avoiding massive quantities of inventory that may not ever be used.

At Rex 3, we work with you to customize and personalize targeted print messages to achieve a significant response rate. Clients rely on us to recommend the right combination of digital print technology to meet their print marketing fulfilment objectives, as cost effectively as possible. 

On-demand digital print services at Rex 3 allow you to enjoy a custom solution that is dictated by your business needs. Now you and your budget work together, ensuring you get what you need at a competitive price instead of buying more than you'll ever use just to satisfy budget constraints.


Print on Demand Direct Mail Digital Print Services

Saving money and delivering the right product at the right time is essential. This is why we utilize the most modern digital printing techniques and efficient, supportive workflows to meet your needs. From variable data printing (VDP) to measurement and analytics to lists and mailing services, direct mail digital printing services are top notch at Rex 3. Details matter. Timing matters. Budgets matter. Count on us to manage every step of the process and use our expertise and experience to create and deliver exceptional work every day.

Direct Mail Digital Print Services at Rex 3 offers:

  • Localized Targeting – dynamic messaging and mailing lists
  • Customer-Centric Approach – creative, design services & proper account support
  • Automation – Event triggers, mailing service, and print fulfillment all-in-one
  • Measurement & Optimization – Real-time data, consumer tracking and metrics
  • Fast Turnaround – Quick fulfillment and on-time delivery

Demand more from your print marketing and better manage your time and budget. Get what you need when you need it when you use Rex 3 on-demand digital print services.

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