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5 reasons why print collateral Are More Effective Than Ever

Printed sales and marketing collateral are more effective than ever. The power of print lies in its ability to be diverse, creative, targeted, and innovative. It has survived and thrived because it has adapted to changing trends. Print and printed mail compete with digitally-based media, but they can also successfully complement each other. The leveraging of print workflows translates to cohesiveness across all marketing platforms used within an organization.

Businesses succeed because they understand their customers – whether it's a want, a pain point, or a need, customers possess and express their consumer preferences and expectations.

Consider these five reasons why print collateral is thriving for businesses.

1. Sensory Marketing
We live in a digitally-focused society, but there are few indications that consumers prefer digital to any other marketing format. The strategic use of print is a necessity for marketing collateral that can be touched, media that is tangible. Sensory Marketing highlights the importance of reaching the individuals' five senses at a deeper level rather than the digital's static sensory experience.

2. Excess Digital Media
Consumers are experiencing an over-saturation of digital media. There is some industry indication that there is a decline in the effectiveness of email. Digital content can set the stage for the audience, but print can extend the message and mission with greater sustainability. In June 2020, Statista reports that 3.6 billion people are using social media across the globe. By 2025, there will be 4.1 billion digital devices connected to social media platforms by their estimation. But, consumers crave content beyond their mobile devices. Print picks up where digital leaves off. 

3. Personalized Printed Materials
Printed materials enhance a customer's experience.  With the ability to personalize each mailing with a variety of demographic details, today's direct mail pieces are more relevant to those receiving them – everyone likes to receive personalized items. Consider design elements when developing your direct mail and printed materials.  Aesthetically, it must be appealing, and the message must draw in a prospect.

4. Lower Costs
Modern printed marketing materials are enhanced with new technologies in printing, data, and shorter print runs. It is more affordable to incorporate printed collateral than ever before with more choices in paper, textures, foiling, soft-touch lamination, fonts, die cuts, and more. With access to the latest in print technology, brands can supplement and enhance their overall marketing plan. Digital can become print, but with the added benefit of sensory marketing.

5. Branding
According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), branding is any feature within a business that identifies a particular seller's distinctions. Today's consumers demand more from the companies they do business with, and branding is no longer just a buzz word.

Branding matters because it leaves an impression. A distinctive brand design is a vital element when printing marketing materials.


Despite the far-reach of digital media, print has maintained its position by aligning with digital campaigns. Standing out in the digital age means relying on a mix of coordinated campaigns and unique branding. It's in the details, and to gain an advantage, businesses must be strategic by using a variety of tools. To get the highest return on investment (ROI), leads and sales must be generated, and print can lead the way with targeted and compelling calls-to-action.

Contact the print experts at Rex 3 to discuss how we can help your business's printed sales and marketing collateral be more useful than ever.