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What is HP Electroink?

What is HP Electroink Rex 3 Commercial Printing Services in Florida.jpg

Electroink is a liquid ink used exclusively with Rex 3’s HP Indigo 7900, the latest in digital printing technology. Unlike traditional commercial digital printing dry-toner, HP’s Electroink is a liquid ink that combines the advantages of traditional electronic printing with the unique properties of liquid ink. HP Electroink starts as a thick (ultra-concentrated) paste in tubular cartridges and loaded into the HP Indigo 7900.

Once inside the press, it is fed into supply tanks and then diluted with a special oil to create the carrier liquid and color particles ready for printing. HP’s Electroink contains electrically charged pigmented particles that act as a carrier. Similar to other digital printing technologies, (Xerography) HP Electroink electrically controls the location of minute pigmented particles in the liquid ink down to 1-2 microns to deliver high-quality digital printing.

Liquid Electro Photography Benefits

Edge Definition and Sharpness

Viewed at high magnification, HP ElectroInk forms sharper images when compared with dry xerographic toners and even offset lithographic dots.

Comparison of text printed with HP Indigo digital offset (left) with text printed by DEP (right)
Liquid Electro Photography HP Printer Rex 3 in Florida

Optical Density, Image Consistency, and Dot Gain

The HP Indigo 7900 digital press varies the dot gain for consistent, precise control of the dot size exposed and optical density.

Comparison between color dots printed with HP Indigo ElectroInk (left) and DEP (right)HP Electroink dots Rex 3 in Florida

Image Gloss and Electroink

Like offset ink, HP Electroink images match the gloss of the underlying substrate, from high-gloss, rough, to dull. HP Liquid Electro Photography is one micron thick and follows the “hills and valleys” of the substrate surface.

Comparison between uncoated (left) paper and paper coated with HP Electroink (right)

Liquid Electro Photography Rex 3 in Florida

Instant Image Drying

HP Electroink solidifies immediately up transfer to the substrate, so the finished print emerges dry and is ready for finishing quickly. Furthermore, HP Indigo Electroink print pieces can be handled immediately unlike conventional offset printers that do not have drying capabilities.

Electroink and Light Fastness

The color durability of printed images, including light fastness, equals and or often exceeds conventional offset inks. The structure of the pigment sub-particles in ElectroInk prevents oxidization and negates the effects of relative humidity.

Substrate Variety with HP Electroink

HP Electroink is compatible with a variety of substrate types, surfaces, and thicknesses. The substrate types include paper, card stock, plastic, film, paperboard, and metallic. Liquid Electro Photography uses one formulation to print on any stock that the press can handle. This means that HP Indigo press users can rapidly switch between substrates without having to worry about changing inks.

Rex 3 and the Electroink Advantage

The HP Indigo 7900, is the fastest 13 x 19-inch five-color digital sheet-fed printer in the marketplace printing at 9,600 A4 color pages per hour. Covering 99% of the PANTONE color range with Electroink, digital color printing never looked so good! Experience the Rex 3 and the HP Electroink difference for your next print campaign!