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What Does the Packaging Process Look Like

Creating a structural design can be one of the most exciting things about working with Rex. For you, it's also probably one of the most important parts of product development as well as your investment. 

And we don't blame you.

Packaging has so much power to influence. It is commonly referred as “the silent salesman” because of its ability to influence consumers at the point of purchase. Studies suggest that nearly 2/3 of purchases take place in default mode (meaning the shopper gives little consideration to brand). Many shoppers have made brand decisions before even entering a store, making find-ability key. Shoppers who have a difficult time finding their brand are more likely to consider other options.




To start on the right foot consider all the steps in carton and box design, package print and manufacturing.

For the record, it's important to work with a box and folding carton manufacturer that can deliver your order from start to finish. This really simplifies the package development and printing process. At Rex, we design, print, die cut, fold, glue, store, and fulfill your order all in one convenient 125,000 square foot location to pass on cost savings to our clients. 

Using Rex as your “one-stop box and carton resource” will:

  • Be simple, since we create accurate prototypes, so you know exactly how your job will turn out.
  • Be efficient for large or small runs.
  • Avoid overseas communications and shipping delays.
  • Support you through the whole process.

Here are some of the steps, we'd hold your hand through so we avoid costly mistakes along the way. 



From the very beginning the key is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and communicate your product’s distinct advantage. Take the time to really think about what it takes. Don't do things half fast here because it will cost you sales.

Keep in mind that aside from being innovative, customers now expect their brands to follow environmentally-sustainable business practices. Rex understands these needs and has the know-how to produce the right materials and techniques to keep your package eco-friendly.


In the image above we spent a lot of time working with the creators of the Free Realms virtual game at Topps. Working with them allowed us to develop a new kind of trading card product that would combine print and digital experiences for the mega card company. What you see above is a prototype we eventually brought to life using our prototype and digital printing equipment. This printed product is now an ongoing and profitable part of their Free Realms digital gaming experience. 



Structural design involves the engineering of your package. It’s more than the visual quality of your design. Creating a prototype considers factors such as manufacturing efficiency, optimum size, strength, durability portability, and shipping ability.




A prototype lets you experiment with different stock options to test functionality and durability. This is a great time to make any necessary changes that may enhance your project’s appearance, price efficiency and/or functionality. Some of our experience includes:

  • Consumer products
  • Sales kits
  • Presentation folders
  • Point-of-sale displays
  • Games
  • Books
  • Storage units

There are plenty of variable when is comes to packaging, so it makes sense to work with a print vendor that will show you different options and samples to help you create something memorable. This part of the process shouldn't cost you anything if your printing company is willing to build a relationship with you. To learn more about Rex Three, and our print, mail, and fulfillment services in South Florida, please contact us here