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Rex 3 is a 65-year old family-owned and operated business based in South Florida.

As other printers have furloughed employees and shuttered their doors, Rex 3 is on track to hire more than 100 team members in addition to leasing 50,000 square feet to maintain our growth patterns.

Rex 3 has transformed from a commercial printer to a highly automated company providing efficient, customized workflows for clients with all manufacturing and administration under one roof. Thanks to our team's skillset combined with the most current technology, Rex provides cost-effective and high-quality turnkey services for packaging design, variable data printing, Direct Mail, commercial printing, and more.

In March, COVID 19 mandates took effect, and we prepared like it was a hurricane. For over 60 years, we have adapted to changing environments, and once again, we needed to think outside the box. This ideology was the force that gave us the tenacity and willingness to run our business in overdrive. The HP 7-color, 29” 12000 and the digital era was finally adopted. We installed the HP 12000 to replace the smaller HP 7600 and to complement our Hp 7900. At the time of purchase, we believed this press to be a game-changer with large formatting and stock variety capabilities. We never imagined then it would be central to maintain high capacities, efficient workflows, and new customer workloads during a pandemic.

Our staff implemented preparations to create a work-from-home model for all manufacturing processes to meet clients' needs. We also executed major upgrades to the internet and server infrastructure while increasing bandwidth by more than 250%. Other significant changes included moving outside servers in-house while maintaining offsite disaster recovery and redundancies.

Additionally, our team set up workflows that reduced the required human interaction. Following COVID safety guidelines, we set up temporary workstations everywhere to stay in our facility to meet such on-site activities and keep our employees secure. To that end, a team of four workers (on each shift) regularly clean and disinfect every surface in the house. We could not take risks.

Although Rex 3 has doubled in size, what excites and motivates our leadership is our ability to keep everyone employed and create jobs during this challenging time. Our leading-edge automation keeps employees safe and improves our company's competitive edge in a post COVID world.

Our company will never be the same again. We have all grown in our approach to challenges that arise, our daily internal workflow, and our future vision. Plus, we have learned a lot about ourselves. Everyone came together as a team to succeed.

Our message to the rest of the printing industry is one of hope. Even during the worst times, we can find a way to overcome adversity and get it done. At Rex 3, we utilized the resources we already had and strategized and executed a way to build on them. Now, whether Disney World is open or closed, our digital world is open 24/7.