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The Top 5 Packaging Design Trends to Watch for 2024

Top 5 Packaging Design Trends to Watch for 2024

Product packaging is just one of the communication tools a brand utilizes. Customized packaging designed in conjunction with a well-orchestrated marketing plan can increase sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. A brand is no longer just a product; it encompasses every facet of the customer journey. Brand conscientiousness is necessary to retain brand equity including; shapes, typography, textures, color blends, and more.

Breaking Boundaries in Packaging Trends for 2024

Impactful and memorable packaging has become the focus in design trends. In 2024, product packaging trends will literally “think outside the box” by showcasing color, materials, design, and budget-conscious printing techniques. Rex 3 adds high-end enhancements with in-house embossing, UV coating, foil stamping, die cutting, laminations, and more.

Keep these top 5 packaging design trends to keep in mind when planning your campaigns for 2024:

1. Sustainable Packaging: Beyond a Trend, A Way of Life

Sustainability: isn’t just a trend – it has become a way of life for many consumers and can be a major factor in their decision-making process. Their purchase power is often contingent on how a company handles earth-consciousness. Environmental awareness in packaging and branding appeals to customers who prefer less waste and fewer packaging materials. Along with sustainability as a theme in branding, packaging can be designed with nature in mind. Many companies have included compostable or recycled materials in their package designs. Smaller packaging for the same-sized product is also a trend in sustainability. Consumers know how much packaging is tossed in the trash, and they are not comfortable with this reality anymore. Less packaging waste also equals less cost associated with printing. 

2. Elevating Engagement with Minimalistic Design

Simplicity: in design doesn’t have to mean understated or sparse. Minimal packaging design enables your product and the customer to engage without distractions and clutter. Allowing your product to forge a direct and meaningful connection with the customer. By stripping away extraneous elements, minimalism emphasizes the essence of your brand, product, or message. This design philosophy creates a clean and uncluttered visual canvas that not only captures attention but also enhances the overall customer experience. In a world inundated with visual stimuli, minimalistic packaging becomes a compelling strategy to make your product stand out, offering a refined and sophisticated presentation that resonates with the modern consumer.

3. Harnessing the Allure of Natural Tones: The Color Revolution

Color: plays a key role in branding and consumer engagement. Color trends change with every season and year. However, an overall trend across industries in 2024 will be to utilize natural colors and neutral tones. A splash of color adds dimension to the product design, but it also works in conjunction with branding. Customers will begin to associate your product or service with this color. Above all else, color consistency is an important element in brand recognition. Consistent and vibrant colors complement your logo and tagline to attract, engage, and reinforce a positive connection with your brand.

4. Packaging as a Narrative: The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling: connects customers to products. Packaging can be used as a communication tool to share a brand’s story, history, and mission. This is appealing during the customer journey because it builds a connection and illustrates the humanness behind the product or service. Where did it all begin? What is your brand’s message and mission? And of course, all answers must think short elevator pitch to not risk overwhelming the actual packaging design. 

5. Technological Evolution in Printing: Redefining Brand Impressions

Printing techniques: evolve through time. With new and updated manufacturing methods, companies may find their packaging and printing expenses decrease. Technology can protect your brand by producing quality print and packaging at a far more affordable price. Customers associate the quality of your product with the quality of the packaging as it is their first impression.

Rex 3 Expertise: Where Innovation Meets Industry Standards

As experts in the packaging industry, Rex 3 understands how to incorporate industry standards, innovative design, newly available materials, and current packaging trends while honoring your branding and budget. As you begin to plan for 2024 campaigns and initiatives, keep in mind that our experienced associates are standing by to help you bring your packaging design vision to life. Get a quote or call us today at (954) 388-8708!