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Rex 3 Wins Prestigious Commercial Print Awards

Rex 3 Award Winner

Rex 3 Award Winner

Winning a print award was never really our intention. Our focus was always our clients’ vision. But since we’re a commercial printing company, we’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most creative minds in the advertising and marketing industries. We're talking about creators who appreciate paper texture, special inks, and the process of bringing cool ideas to life - offline. Those are the people we celebrate whenever we win a print award like this. 

Kudos to Rex 3's Design & Production Teams

With so many companies out there doing similar things, printing is definitely a way for brands to stand out. We’re always looking to help our clients do that, and we believe that’s why we’re later recognized for a printing award. But at the end of the day, we’re really just executing our clients’ imagination. So we’d like to take this time and recognize all of the designers involved in creating the printed pieces we were able to produce for them.

Title of the Piece: Mia de Mar Miracle Glow Box
Designer: Volta Digital Brands
Category: Folding carton

Title of the Piece: Ojai Set Finance 2018 Brochure
Designer: JM Family Enterprises
Category: Direct Mail Cards

Title of the Piece: Andrea Candela Timeless Treasures Direct Mail Card
Designer: Andrea Candela Timeless Treasures 
Category: Brochures & Broadsides


3 awards that show our versatility and expertise
in various print formats.


What we like about these printing awards is that clients begin to trust the people behind our work. Being creative with printing can be risky if you’re not sure how all of the elements will come together. Fortunately, our print specialists are very savvy and understand what it takes to make anything on paper come to life. This is why top brands come to us and expect nothing but the best. We’re proud to receive these awards, and we want to share them with the creators and the brands behind them!