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Printing On-Demand is Hotter & Easier Than Ever



Marketing automation is a term you've probably learned to embrace. The same goes for Facebook chatbots, automated drip campaigns, and even self-service portals that instantly deliver what your customers need when they ask for it. But as a forward-thinking marketer, have you explored print-on-demand yet? It’s the same automation and cost-effective philosophy, applied to marketing collateral.

Print-on-demand, similar to drip campaigns or marketing workflows, allows you to scale your marketing efforts and touch your customers offline at critical points in your customer journey. You’re probably already doing this online if you’re a digital marketer, but where do you stand with hitting your customers offline. You know, in the real world?

First, let’s determine what a critical touch point is.

We refer to critical touch points as a significant moment in the customer journey. It's an action your customer has either taken or should take next as part of your sales process. For instance, if requesting a demo of your software signals interest, you should be thinking about how a direct mail piece could celebrate that moment. Similarly, if pre-ordering a product or scheduling a meeting to talk about customization signals movement towards a sale, it's time to mail a printed brochure to your prospect.

We think of these moments as milestones that should trigger a print-on-demand direct mail piece to help you stay relevant in the real world. This is an easy way print can integrate with your digital marketing campaigns. Nowadays this is possible and cost-effective since using streamlined printing processes that allow you to reach more clients with custom pieces, faster than ever.


Check out this case study on print on demand,
and see how Cruise Planners franchise owners
increased their sales


Now, let’s take a look at a real life scenario where a growing franchise has to constantly train their travel agents, and give them the right materials to quickly close sales in the ever-changing travel industry.


That’s how we helped Cruise Planners create extraordinary (and effective) marketing materials that increased their sales and helped their agents touch more customers offline, using our print-on-demand solutions throughout their customer journey.

How can your company use POD solutions to increase sales?

Our print-on-demand specialists can help you print and mail small booklets that help convert online leads into loyal customers. Print-on-demand can help you order personalized marketing collateral for different franchise locations without having to order large quantities to keep them up to date. Similarly, a POD solution can streamline how your network of partners order, print, and distribute marketing materials for small events or conventions that move all over the country, managing the per unit cost in a sensible way. To learn more about print on demand services as a commercial printing company, visit this page.