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Is Your Brand Creating Too Much Digital Clutter?



There's a tremendous amount of Internet data created every day. We all contibute to it; whether it's a tweet, Facebook comment, or YouTube video. The clutter is everexpanding. Printing will be the way to break through that clutter and engage customers on an emotional

And as in any relationship, we want to feel loved and appreciated.

Take something as simple as saying please or thank you. Every customer needs a good, solid thank you. You should know. You’ve probably turned into someone’s first-time customer in the last 24 hours. 

It takes a great deal of work and money to create a new customer. There’s planning, campaigning, convincing, and of course, all of the onboarding.

Printing, and specifically, direct mail works wonders to move a customer along the process. But if your company has gone fully digital, it’s possible you’re creating more clutter than connections. We hope this blog article inspires you to explore traditional, more scenic routes with direct mail. There’s certainly more to gain than lose. We promise.


As a marketer, you’ve probably accepted the notion that prospects need an average of about seven touch points to convert. But if you’re only pushing your message on digital channels, your touch points will need print.


According to the Online Marketing Institute, one reason it takes a multitude of touches to generate a sales-ready lead is the sheer amount of information required to deem a lead sales-ready: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe (BANT). In addition, these touch points have to compete with all of the Internet data created daily by direct and indirect competitors, so naturally it can get confusing out there in the customer journey.

Where some companies stumble and fall is at the conversion stage believe it or not. Once they finally convert a prospect, most companies forget to say 'thank you' on behalf of the brand. You know, in that jazzy brand voice your marketing team raves about.

Sure the customer walked in the door, shook your hand, and handed you payment, but at which point did the brand say 'thank you?' At what point did your brand connect with the client in an emotional way?

This is where direct mail and print should extend from your digital marketing mix.

Think about it.

How does it feel when you receive a thoughtful card in the mail or a beautiful bouquet of flowers after a stunning date--- the good-old fashion way?

Direct mail campaigns have the potential of expressing to what extent new customers are special to you. Just like a handwritten card shows gratitude, a beautifully-printed direct mail piece will go a long way to impress a new customer.

Localized Marketing Requires a Pie Delivery Approach; Like a Good Neighbor Would




We’ve seen this too often: brick and mortar locations open up shop and forget that the key to their success is to become a community member. If you’re not marketing to your local community, as a neighbor would, your growth will be very slow. With so many ways to be that "good friendly neighbor," consider something as simple as a door hanger campaign to claim your spot in the community.

Don’t stray away from these effective, yet traditional efforts, just because Facebook says they’ll do the localized marketing for you. Never forget that Facebook is a discovery engine. It works as a way to get found through social connections, but you still need to get out there and make real connections with people. Printing does that.

We always recommend that you tie your direct marketing efforts to the way people engage on Facebook. Ask people to check out your FB page to learn more. Include a coupon or introductory offer with that cool direct mail piece that represents your brand voice. Let them know you’re local; that you’ve just moved into town and are willing to offer a freebie to get to know them. This is exceptionally important for small, mom-and-pop shops to growing franchise chains that want to stay top-of-mind as consumers travel in and out retail zones where you conduct business. 

The Bottom Line is this: direct mail has the greatest impact because it offers a tangible experience for the customer. Oversized pieces stand out the most. And they'll feel like the pie a new neighbor should deliver as long as the message is clear and timely. 

Customers Should Never Be One-Timers

Once you convert, don’t just stick to email marketing. This is another tactic brands- who have gone fully digital- will forget to do. Get to their mailbox instead. Make sure you capture their correct mailing info and start sending beautifully designed mailers that will keep your brand top-of-mind. It’s one of the things customers appreciate the most. Remember that customers don’t really know who you are, and what you’re really capable of. It’s likely they don’t know about all of the different service offerings and value-added freebies you bring to the mix. A well designed direct mail campaign can do the trick. Of course, use direct mail to send people to the digital experiences you think will help you connect more deeply with the client and track the response rates accordingly.

Build VIP Programs that Make People Feel Truly Important 


VIP programs. Elite experiences. Special bonus clubs. It’s just another fancy way of saying, “Hey, give me your contact detail and we’ll remind you to come back and make us some money.” When, in fact, a true membership program is supposed to make people feel extraordinarily special. There are so many ways to do this without having to explicitly ask your VIPs for a sale. Consider making your VIP’s feel valued by sending them personalized direct mail piece that speaks their language. Think of direct mail as a gift. A thank you.

This could mean sending them a gift card special for two or mailing a voucher that feels like a one-way ticket towards savings. What about including a complimentary gift that says we’re here because of you. The nice thing about these tactics is that they typically lead to repeat purchases and, better yet, they can lead to fabulous referrals.

These are the kind of direct marketing programs we’re great at putting together in a way that’s automated and efficient. You simply pass on the data of your new VIPs and we’ll craft a print and mail program that empowers your integrated marketing mix.