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3 Ways Rex 3 Goes Above and Beyond for National Brands

3 Ways Rex 3 Goes Above And Beyond For National Brands

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There's a printing company virtually in every corner with one potentially near you. On the Internet, there are hundreds more with just a few clicks away. You’ll notice the majority of these print shops specialize in something different, but only a handful are equipped to solve complex marketing logistical problems.

In this blog article, we break down the reasons why companies (small, medium, and large) work with Rex 3, a printing company that has solved all kinds of marketing problems, ranging from rising print costs, process automation, variable data printing, as well as pick and pack distribution virtually all over the United States.

We Go Beyond Printing. We Help You Create Memorable Customer Experiences.

At Rex 3, we don’t just print. We create interactions your clients will remember.  Whether it’s printing brochures, flyers, custom packages, direct mail, Rex 3 is setup to enhance your customer journey with print. We've worked with large clients such as Royal Caribbean, Gran Melia Resorts, GL Homes, and even top, agency-type clients who are looking for creative direction on the print side.

Brochures Business cards Notebooks Booklets Menus Leaflets Flyers Catalogs Posters Postcards Calendars Invitations

To us, commercial printing is about being able to skillfully coordinate a variety of messages from point A (the brand) to point B (the consumer). In between, enters our 60 years of graphic communications experience, touching many different kinds of technology solutions to deliver the message in a way that is timely and well received.

Printing on a large scale requires know-how and buying power for acquiring materials such as paper, ink, supplies, toners, and so much more. It also requires a careful understanding of project management, manufacturing expertise, and plenty of manpower to run machinery ranging from die cutting, bindery, digital print, and even packaging solutions.

At Rex 3's commercial printing facility in South Florida, we take it one step further to service national brands need swift coordination and cost savings too. We accomplish that by making technology innovations, strategic partnerships and investments in equipment to create efficiencies for our clients wherever possible. In addition, we're a razor-sharp focused on print quality and customer satisfaction over the long haul.


There are 3 areas in commercial print 
that make us different than other printing companies.


First, We Believe Better Process Equals Quality Commercial Printing

Companies that work with Rex 3's commercial printing division experience a focus on attention to detail, especially by working with our print consultants with anywhere between 15 to 30 years of printing experience. Often times, we receive printing requests in multiple versions or measurements that really aren't cost-effective to produce and our printing specialists are able to catch that immediately. The insight our team brings to the table can improve print and mail projects, both locally in Florida and across the United States. In addition, our printing specialists are very keen on materials and efficient print process, always looking for the best way to design and present a proper printing quote, putting the client's interests front and center. For brands with larger (more complex) print needs, our print consultants work to provide substantial savings by looking at the bigger picture and negotiating large print runs. We consider this ability an art that's meshed with our 60 years of print manufacturing experience.

Secondly, We Print, Mail, and Distribute In-House

Businesses need a complete print and mail solution. Not half-baked offers. Rex 3 prides itself in working with brands and businesses that rely in quality printing to sustain their growth. That's where we excel. We're proactive at thinking about not only how to best manufacture the printed product, but also how to deliver a turnkey solution that will take a branded message from point A (the brand) to point B (the consumer). No matter how many twist and turns it may take, our mail and distribution divisions really takes ownership of these processes to deliver the message when the time is right.

This is crucial for companies that have already established how print ties into their overall business operations. Just like a theme park isn't a theme park without handy maps, a restaurant chain isn't special without beautiful menus, and a cruise line can't maximize its revenue without brochures to improve their onboard sailing experience. We get that so not only do we produce high quality marketing materials, we're also setup to deliver them across the country, making us a reliable commercial printing company.  


Our job is to keep your communication channel fluid and efficient using print communications.


Thirdly, Print Quality Control is Constantly on Our Radar

When we say we're going to deliver something, we mean it. Our print production team works hard to plan ahead and execute swiftly from the beginning. One of our biggest differentiators is project coordination and planning. We also view print manufacturing and innovation as an extension of our quality. That's why our technology team is always looking to develop new solutions to improve the way clients manage all of their print requests. This includes providing print on demand solutions to save on printing costs, variable data printing to enhance the message, and pick/pack and fulfillment solutions to package your message in a way that makes sense to the brand and your consumer. These are all areas smaller printing companies struggle to maintain for their clients, especially if their needs are spread out across multiple markets. Naturally print quality takes a spiral downturn in many cases without these resources.

Commercial Printing and Packaging Company2

And finally, with digital marketing becoming a bigger part of the marketing mix, we have found that more marketers are losing touch with their offline marketing effectiveness. They aren't working with their printers to integrate online marketing with offline marketing automation tools. Rex 3 steps up to the plate to make offline marketing even more aligned with digital marketing efforts. 

These are just some of the ways Rex 3 differentiates itself from smaller printing companies, and it's worth noting this if you're looking to optimize your investment in traditional printing. One way to do that is to reevaluate your current printing partner to see if they're innovating with you.

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