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Finish Strong – Your Guide to Custom Print Finishes That Will Set You Apart


When digital media exploded onto the scene, the paper industry, and those that support the industry, assumed paper would take a hard hit. The presumption was that paper would be obsolete on a commercial scale, that consumers would no longer want to deal with the “clutter” of paper, and that printed materials such as packaging would have little effect on consumer habits.

As the initial wave of the Internet-digital revolution has settled in, humans, it turns out, still prefer and have a need for printed materials. Most Americans receive hundreds of emails weekly, but will likely only receive 10-15 pieces of printed mail during that same time-frame. It is reported that the average lifespan of an email is 17 seconds; whereas printed and direct mail’s average lifespan is 17 days. As a business, this presents the opportunity to stand out among the clutter with printed materials that have custom print finishes.

Tactile Functions and Consumer Preferences

Researchers, through a variety of studies on how humans process marketing experiences, have expressed that brands and companies should consider the “sensory expressions, sensations and sensors” that can be used to “differentiate and position a brand in the human mind as part of their image.” Digital isn’t enough for consumers to feel connected to a brand; they want a tactile experience as well.

Customers like unique printed materials that are designed with texture, color, and innovation. These features can have a direct impact on sales and retention. How a project feels can be just as important to a successful design as what the project looks like.

Post-printing effects and print finishes will set brands apart and enhance the appearance and feel of a brand’s packaging, direct mail pieces, and collateral marketing campaigns. The functionality of packaging design is essential as is the aesthetic of direct mail and printer marketing pieces.

Specialty Finishes bring sophistication to a printed campaign. Consider how the branding artwork will translate to a specialty finish. A custom print finish can keep your brand and your message relevant beyond a scroll on a screen.

Different Types of Specialty Finishes

  • Metallic/foil – Eye-catching, unique, and creative, metallic and foil are reflective and luxurious.
  • Embossing – To emphasize and add texture, embossing adds an element of depth to a project. This texture is appealing to consumers.
  • Cuts – Laser and die cuts on paper are attractive and symbolize a sense of artistry.
  • Lamination – A protective coating that enhances the longevity of a project. There are marketing materials that can be used time and again, and should be preserved for consumers.

Successful companies now offer a multi-sensory customer and brand experience which employs the premise that the human mind and the senses are valuable marketing resources. The experience of a brand should translate to its printed marketing collateral while doing whatever possible to make it unique with custom paper finishes. At Rex 3, we can help bring these ideas to life for any business in any industry, no matter how large or small – contact us today for a quote.