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The Ins and Outs of Direct Mail and EDDM Marketing

Identifying a virtually foolproof, profitable, and measurable marketing strategy can feel like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree for today’s businesses who are constantly inundated with words like “digital marketing”, “integrated marketing”, or “social media marketing.” But, what about direct mail and “Every Door Direct Mail” (EDDM)? With over 81% of mail recipients reading and scanning their mail daily, it is vitally important for businesses to ensure that direct mail, which delivers your best sales effort directly to the mailbox of your prospect, remains a primary contributor to your overall business plan and strategy. Direct mail and EDDM can function like a bullseye press release by announcing deals, discounts, and product improvements directly to a filtered list of customers.

The many benefits of direct mail and EDDM are so wide-reaching that the companies regardless of industries and size continue to rely on them. Not all of the companies utilizing direct mail are supermarkets and newspapers, some Fortune 500 companies use direct mail or EDDM to search out customers that may not have computers or do not use the internet. It is true: from Burger King to the king of search, Google, companies are increasingly capitalizing on the staying value of direct mail and EDDM—to the tune of $21 billion per year. They realize that these highly measurable forms of advertising not only strengthens integrated marketing campaigns, but they also tend to have a longer reach and shelf life, since mail is usually kept for future reference and use.

At Rex 3, we have helped dozens of companies execute a successful and effective direct mail and EDDM marketing campaigns. Quality control is standard at Rex 3 and our direct mail and EDDM services are no exceptions.  At every stage of this process, multiple quality control points are built in to reduce your postage cost, ensuring that all mail reaches its target, while still maintaining high product quality. Since we have a DMU (Detached Mail Unit) and “Full Service Certified” with a postal clerk from Fort Lauderdale onsite, we can guarantee that our mailing capabilities are streamlined and efficient. For more information on how we can help you with your direct mail and EDDM efforts, please contact us at (954) 452–8301 or click here.