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Packaging Trends for 2016


Rex 3 has been at the forefront of the packaging industry for over 60 years providing innovative packaging solutions for innovative brands. 2016 will prove to be a watershed year for packaging because of technology integration into packaging and new consumer mandates.

1. Digital Print. At Rex 3, many of our clients ask for digitally printed packaging.  Not only is digital printing economical for short runs it has a speed-to-market benefit. We expect this packaging trend to continue throughout 2016 as digital printing allows brands to swiftly connect offline with consumers as consumer demand and preferences change.

2. Personalized Packaging. Connecting offline with consumers is a cornerstone of Rex 3’s philosophy. Our award winning packaging connects with consumers on an emotional and personal level on a daily basis.  With consumers having more choices than ever for any given product creating and maintaining brand loyalty through personal packaging is here to stay.

3. Eco-Friendly Packaging & Sustainability. When a product’s price point and quality are equal in the eyes of the consumer, the consumer’s value system switches to eco-friendliness and sustainability of not only the product but also the product’s packaging. Rex 3 understands that this isn’t optional but rather a mandate for many brands both large and small.  Utilizing eco-friendly packaging connects with a consumer off-line creating additional brand awareness and loyalty without sacrificing “shelf presence” and connects with them in a personal way. Eco-friendly packaging is not just packaging trend for 2016, it is here to stay as consumers and corporations adapt to a new factor in the purchasing process. 

4. Easy to Read Labels. Consumers thirst for information will continue to drive 2016 packaging trends with clean labeling, however, less is more.  Gone are the days of filing every square inch with logos, dietary information, or brand messaging.  Clean, easy to read labels and clear brand messaging will be at the foundation of packaging design decisions for 2016.

5. Connecting Online & Offline Simultaneously. In 2016, the packaging trend has moved beyond QR codes; the new battlefield in packaging for 2016 is the “mobile factor.” In a crowded market place, it is not just clean labels or eco-friendly packaging, brands that are connecting online with consumers through their packaging are gaining valuable market share. “Mobile Ready” packaging utilizing Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) and near field communication (NFC) have an advantage to not only engage but win and maintain brand loyalty with each customer.

6. One size doesn’t fit all. Discretionary budgets and household sizes continue to downsize due to uncertainty in the economy and employment rates.  Brands that offer more than one size for their products are able to tap into a variety of market segments regardless or economic uncertainty or employment status.  In 2016, consumers will make purchasing decisions on “What size works for me?” to avoid waste and save money.  In an era where every brand is clambering for position and brand loyalty is low, having the right size for each market segment will set your brand apart. 

Putting it all together

Rex 3’s focus on innovation and technology has made us a leader in the commercial print & packaging industry. Great packaging isn’t just about clean labels or being eco-friendly, great packaging starts with having the right partner. At Rex 3, we have the design and technical expertise to take your packaging and brand to the next level. With over 60 years’ experience and only one of three Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106 in the United States, one of the most advanced sheet-fed offset presses available, offering 6 colors, specialty coatings and the ability to print on the widest range of surfaces. Rex 3 can and will take your packaging to the forefront of your market and ultimately your target consumer.

Imagination Accomplished!