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Are you Connecting with Your Buyers in Every Printed Project?

Connecting with buyers in Printed Projects Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Connecting with buyers in Printed Projects Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

We work with all kinds of brands. From funky and intellectually conservative to luxurious and bargain-hunter edgy, to name a few. Each one is different, but all encompass a burning desire to connect with their buyers somewhere along the customer journey.

Whether you're managing printed projects or running direct marketing campaigns, this article will help you connect with them.

Commercial printers bridge the gap between your company and the market by helping you communicate and sell to newfound customers. But there’s a stark difference between ordering something for print and ordering something to connect. A good print consultant shows you how to close the gap between your brand and your customer, enhancing the customer experience through visual and tactical cues. Printing projects with your brand in mind is where the difference lies.

Now think about how you print. When was the last time you set up a printing project to increase loyalty or draw in more high-end customers? How did you humanize your brand via your sales or marketing collateral? You probably haven’t given it too much thought. In fact, it’s likely your printing projects are limited to only bridging the gap between your product/service and your target customer. This means that you’re communicating but not really “connecting” like you should, at least by savvy-print-consultant standards.

As mentioned in previous posts on integrating print across the customer journey, there are dozens of ways to humanize your brand via innovative printing solutions. At Rex 3, our sweet spot is printing and fulfilling eye-catching point of sale displays, functional packaging, and creative marketing collateral that humanizes your sales process. We enjoy advising on how to marry your brand personality with the right printing techniques and materials to deliver the best printed projects.


We enjoy advising on how to marry your brand personality with the right printing techniques and materials to deliver the best printed projects.


This is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face today. And the problem gets more complicated as new marketers join the marketing teams of tomorrow. In fact, digital marketers tend to specialize in analytics such as reach or engagement, but they forget about connecting with buyers. Just read this article to see how much more trustworthy is a well-designed printed project when compared to a digital campaign.

How to stand out with your printed projects?

Your company probably does the same thing 3 to 10 other companies do in your market, to say the least. And if you consider the wonderful world of the Internet, your competition could be overwhelming after doing a few Google searches.

It’s important to draw a line between what’s happening in offline and online marketplaces. Both are full of junk and yet amidst all of the opportunities, only a few companies can master the art of differentiation when it’s time for customers to buy. These companies print to connect with customers offline. And with pride, we can say that these are the kinds of printing projects we enjoy working on.

Digital vs Printed Projects Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Our clients tell us over and over again: digital marketing cannot be the only tactic you invest in. Though online marketing is tremendously effective, it creates clutter. Not only does it confuse potential buyers, it also exposes them to an extensive list of competitors who work overtime to interrupt your sales process. To help you offset this digital madness and truly stand out, we work with marketers to use printing as a way to humanize their brand offline, which by the way, is a skill that many modern marketers have lost.

Printing can humanize your brand at trade shows, in new employee orientations, during product launches, and even as part of your digital marketing process when customers look to compare your offering in the real world. Working with a printing company that understands all of the various paper options, printing finishes and techniques, can help you connect with your target audience like digital marketing cannot.

Take chocolate for instance. If you’re in this competitive marketplace, you’ll want to consider using a smooth stock and finish that gives customers a sense for that unique, velvety taste your fine line of chocolates has to offer.

Connecting with buyers in Printed Projects - Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

Are you in the fashion world? We recommend you explore different paper textures, patterns, and engraving techniques to show your customers how fashionable you want them to think. The opportunities are endless, but it does require thought and effort. A good printing consultant should have the knowhow.

Even if you are a well-versed print buyer, you know printing is a highly specialized industry that evolves over time. Take digital printing or 3D printing as an example. More and more companies are taking advantage of these printing solutions to stand out and connect. If you’re not thinking about printing a project at this capacity, this could mean you’ve gone too digital and perhaps you need a friendly readjustment. A visit to our printing and mail company in Sunrise, FL could give you a sense for what other savvy marketers are doing to connect with their buyers in an emotional and memorable way.

There’s always something to learn in the printing world, and we promise you’ll be inspired to create a truly effective printing project!