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Rex 3: In the Business of Print, Direct Mail, and Overall Brand Delivery

Rex 3: In The Business Of Print, Direct Mail, And Overall Brand Delivery

Add The Wow Factor To Your Business

The technical aspect of brand delivery is our area of expertise.
Brand Delivery is an ongoing project that involves understanding how new digital assets were acquired, maintaining ties with existing digital assets that may affect their future output, and providing the right data to your international partners. 

We make sure your brand is prepared for the journey as a full-service commercial printing firm.
Design, color-checking, messaging, style, and consistency are all very crucial.
The dangers can be considerable when a new vendor is engaged because, as anyone in charge of a firm with a strong brand awareness knows, the trick is in the details.
We've compiled a list of abilities that we've tried to hone over the course of our 60 years in the industry to alleviate some of your fears. 


REX 3's Brand Management Capabilities:

Color control

We have a lengthy history in prepress and a vast amount of technical experience.
It puts us in a position to support you as you fight brand dilution.
We oversee the entire process and are knowledgeable about color standards and file delivery specifications. 


Our system supports all popular image, video, and audio formats. You'll have the ability to create thumbnails and previews, automatically record metadata and create asset relationships.


Direct Mail Marketing-1-thumb

Our structural engineering division allows creative directors to test technical and visual feasibility of a package design early in the process, by using CAD derivatives, reducing time to market and keeping the cost within budget.


You'll have online access to highly advanced workflow systems that automate the labor-intensive tasks of reformatting mechanical to conform with the myriad of format sizes and file formats that will be encountered as your brand travels the globe.


The solution we offer has these key features: effortless marketing asset distribution, expeditious speed to market channel engagement and support, real-time analytics, dashboards with actionable data and one-stop shopping for marketing resources and services.


Your consolidated content is stored on a secured platform that is ready to grow as the system takes root and gains effectiveness. Our integration experts will make sure that each of the stakeholders has access to the information they need, regardless of their location or job function.


Lets Print

Reliable sheet-fed and digital printing is what you can expect from Rex. We were the first company in the United States to receive Master Printer certification from ideal alliance and we have certified G7 experts on staff. Our knowledge of international color standards allows us to communicate with your network of printers, ensuring consistent color and brand quality, on whichever continent they reside. Even though we’re located in Sunrise, FL., we have a solid client base of print buyers, marketing directors, and creative agencies from across the entire United States.


Rex color managed remote and hard copy proofing systems complement our custom designed workflows to create efficient, accurate, proof and mechanical routing systems build to your specifications.

Efficient project management

Business of Print, Direct Mail, and Brand Delivery REX 3 Florida-1

Our workflow experts will collaborate with your organization's key personnel to customize your project management dashboard. Upon entry of key data from the campaign brief, the project is entered and linked to the integrated systems within your enterprise.


You've created the brand language. We provide the tools that allow you to communicate your brand globally without anything lost in translation. We’ve even worked with brands to adapt their direct mail logistics so that brand is front and center. We can help you design unique, branded envelopes and lively packaging so your brand is the first thing people see before even engaging with your message.