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Advanced CAD Equipment For Packaging

Advanced CAD Equipment For Packaging


REX3 Commercial printer is designed for precision printing, and our equipment is typically more advanced and capable of producing high-quality, precise prints compared to consumer-grade printers.

Here are some reasons why commercial printers are known for their precision:

  1. Higher Quality Components: Commercial printers are built with high-quality components, including precision-engineered print heads, motors, and rollers. This ensures consistent and accurate printing.

  2. Advanced Printing Technologies: Many commercial printers utilize advanced printing technologies such as laser printing, offset printing, or digital printing. These technologies are known for their precision and the ability to reproduce intricate details.

  3. Professional Calibration: Commercial printers are often calibrated by professionals to ensure that colors are accurate and consistent across multiple prints. This calibration helps maintain precision in color reproduction.

  4. Dedicated Maintenance: Commercial printing equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it operates at its best. This helps prevent issues that could lead to imprecise printing.

  5. Wide Range of Media: Commercial printers can often handle a wide range of printing materials, including different paper types, cardstock, vinyl, and more. This versatility allows for precise printing on various substrates.

  6. Large Format Printing: Some commercial printers are designed for large format printing, which requires precise alignment and control to produce accurate and detailed prints on large sheets or materials.

  7. Customization Options: Commercial printers may offer customization options such as variable data printing, which allows for precise printing of unique information on each piece, like individualized labels or barcodes.

  8. Color Management: Commercial printers often have advanced color management systems that can ensure accurate color matching and consistency, crucial for tasks like brand printing or product packaging.

However, it's essential to note that not all commercial printers are the same, and the level of precision can vary based on the specific make and model. Additionally, the precision of commercial printing may also depend on the expertise of the operator and the quality of the digital files being printed. Proper file preparation and attention to detail are essential to achieve the best results with commercial printing equipment.

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