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5 Questions to Ask Your Packaging Company

5 Questions to Ask Your Packaging Company Rex 3 in Florida.jpg

You deserve a partner, not just a vendor

Consumer product packaging is one of the first impressions a shopper or potential buyer has with your brand.  Great packaging drives brand awareness, creates affinity, and is often the first tactile experience a consumer has with your brand.  At Rex 3, we take a top-down approach to packaging because we understand that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” With shelf space at a premium, memorable and high-quality packaging is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the right packaging solutions provider is critical. What you’re really looking for is a long-term partner, not just a vendor.

Its vital that they have worked in your industry before, keep up with packaging trends, have the right members on their packaging manufacturing team, and are willing to share packaging examples that demonstrate a depth of experience, excellent use of today’s materials, the right printing and packaging technologies, and the professional skills to execute your vision.

To get you started on the right path, here is a series of questions to ask your prospective packaging partners and what you should be hearing in the answers.

What is working with your packaging company like?

It is important that your packaging solutions provider be there from start to finish. How involved will the packaging service provider be? Will you have a dedicated packaging specialist assigned to your account?  Will they be there from from early collaboration and conceptualization, through structural design, prototyping, pre-press, and the actual package manufacturing right through finishing, kitting, and fulfillment? Do they have the experience to provide input, make recommendations, and answer your questions? If you have a question about packaging design with they lend a hand?

Have you produced packaging for my industry before?

This is an often under asked question in the packaging industry. It’s common to think “a box is a box. How complicated can it really be?” Designs and standards vary greatly from smartphone packaging, to packaging for cosmetics, to retail packaging. When selecting your packaging partner, you must ask about their experience in your specific industry. If they have the correct experience, there is nothing wrong with asking for packaging samples and references to verify their industry experience.

As a packaging company, how do you keep up with industry trends?

Having an in-house packaging design team is a distinct advantage; it is vital that your packaging solutions provider remains up-to-date on industry standards, modern and on-trend styles, and current regulations. An experienced packaging company understands how to balance innovative style, new materials, and current packaging trends and industry standards all with an eye on your brand and budget.

Who will be working on my packaging project?

When selecting a packaging solutions provider, you are selecting more than the name of the company. You’re actually picking individual team members and the packaging company you select should deploy an experienced, knowledgeable, and diverse packaging structural design team that listens to your brand’s needs and creates the best structural packaging within your budget.  

It is also important to ask, where does the team work? Is packaging design, pre-press, packaging manufacturing, and finishing under one roof so each member of the team has face-to-face contact for complete collaboration and attention to detail?

Has your work been professionally recognized, received industry awards?

If the packaging solutions provider you are considering claims to be an industry leader ask to see the awards they have won, referrals from past packaging clients, recent trade press, and past packaging projects they are proud of. Referrals from past clients and recognition within the commercial packaging and printing industry will indicate to you that they are serious about results and producing great packaging. 

Packaging at Rex 3

At Rex 3, we are committed to producing award-winning packaging. Our proven process and work flow dedicates a packaging solution specialist to guide you every step of the way. As one of the nation’s premier packaging solutions providers, with centralized, end-to-end package manufacturing under one roof, we can increase your speed to market without sacrificing an ounce of quality.  

Ask Rex 3 to be your packaging service provider. We’re ready to earn your business and become that long-term partner you deserve.

Rex 3 a Product Packaging Company in Florida