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Segment To Create Growth for Your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Segmenting is a fancy way of saying “cutting something into pieces”. Quite simply, if you want to better understand something, break it down - and especially in marketing, you don’t have to use the one-size-fits-all model. Chopping your market into pieces can help you communicate more effectively.

Here are 3 ways we suggest you slice and dice barring the obvious gender, age, and geography methods:

1. Role-based: Based on your product or service, you may first have to get the attention of the administrative assistant. If you know you are marketing to this person first, rather than the CEO or CMO, create communications that will compel the gatekeeper to let you in.

2. Engagement-based: This is geared to potential customers who’ve never bought, but are communicating with your company. Some people may be one-time buyers that you need to compel to purchase again, and some may be loyal customers that need a reminder. Segment your email list and blast them 3 different messages and offers.

3. Interest-based: Finding out if someone would prefer an Alaskan cruise or a Caribbean cruise can help you hit the right cord for their passions. A simple questionnaire with a reward can give you valuable insights that will help your communications resonate.

Achieve better relevance

When you have a better understanding of your market and the players in it, you will be able to make all of your communications more effective and drive a better ROI with your digital and traditional marketing tactics.

Once you understand your market, personalize the experience.

By now, you know that the digital world has opened up the ability to adapt your marketing on the fly. Programs can adapt your communications immediately, whether it be print or digital media, and send out messages, offers and responses in an automated way. But did you know that Rex 3 was a pioneer and early adopter of these technologies?

To find out more how to directly communicate to your different market segments, visit https://www.rex3.com/printing-consulting-services